Monday, June 30, 2014

Maryland/Delaware Trip/Wedding

We flew up to my parents on Friday morning for a fun weekend at home-home.  Let me say this...there is nothing better than being in my home-home bed, with Kevin and my parents under the same roof.  I can turn my phone on silent and not look at it or hear it all weekend.  And I sleep so soundly.  Everyone is there.  I don't have to worry about anything when I'm under that roof.  

We went up for my parent's godson's wedding.

Dad drove the four of us down to Rehobeth Beach, Delaware for the ceremony at All Saints Church.

The mother of the groom is like family to us.  Isn't she gorgeous?  So is my Mama on the right and Dad in the back.  Well Dad, you aren't gorgeous but you're handsome in that slick bow tie.  Dad had two dates for the wedding...wasn't he lucky?!

We arrived at Rehobeth Beach Country Club for the reception.  

The flowers were done by Jim Gray...that's for you Ash...I know you probably could already tell by looking at how perfect they are!

The cocktail hour was full of fresh seafood.  Oysters, bacon wrapped scallops, shrimp cocktail...

The view from the terrace was unreal.  It was the perfect day...not too hot and not much humidity at all.

Ole Pops!

Bride and groom on the dock for pictures...look at her veil!

Introductions.  Dad was honored to walk the mother of the groom in!  

And the bride and groom!

Dad was also asked to say the prayer.  Here he is getting ready.  He denied a gin and tonic from Kevin about 30 minutes prior.  I guess he had decided his limit before praying was one.  Good pops.

There he is.

Brother of the groom saying his crazy toast.  

Cutting their beachy cake.

Dad dancing with Mrs. V.

Later in the evening, the scotch and cigar bar opened.  No detail was left behind on this reception as you can tell.

Brides bouquet...full of peonies.

Kevin and I with Taylor and Joe.

With my parents.

These three were chugging this bottle of champagne with the lights on and reception ending.  Oh my.

Double trouble.  Groom and Kevin.


Since the wedding was on Friday night, we had Saturday to hang with my parents.  I found my rollerblades from growing up.  These bad boys came back on the plane with me for sure.

Saturday evening we took the ferry to Red Roost for some crabs.

Well there was one boy from North Carolina that didn't pick crabs and got the seafood platter instead....;)

But we'll forgive him for not fitting in with the Marylanders.

Mrs. Black came with us.  She's basically my grandmother....she's lived next door to my parents my whole likfe.

Kevin loved Red Roost.  

And he even got a t-shirt.

And I left with the crabmeat I picked and ate it the next morning so I wouldn't be sick from overeating like I was two weeks prior.  

We cruised back to Charlotte Sunday afternoon and tried Three Amigos for "dunch." First time there and won't be our last.  

Actually on the way back to Charlotte, I took a flight voucher and cruised back through Philly.  Kevin stayed on our originally planned flight direct from Salisbury to Charlotte.  I got in 1.5 hours after him...well worth the $600 voucher and we had to wait in the airport area to get Mills at a certain time anyway.  No complaints here!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!  


  1. Your make up and dress were amazing. You looked beautiful! What a great weekend. Drooling over that seafood. And rollerblades? A girl after my own heart. I used to be a mean rollerblader back in the day!

  2. You looked absolutely beautiful at the wedding!

  3. Green is your color!

    Cracking up over the roller blades. It was the thing to do. We used to go rollerblading in college, huges groups of us!

    Love the idea of picking extra meat and taking it home. Makes sooo much sense!

    BTW - my parents bought a little house in Bethany. So when you are your parents one weekend we have to meet up!

  4. I love that dress! The wedding looked amazing!
    Can you believe I've never rollerbladed??
    Also, a flight from Salisbury?? They have an airport?? That's where my in-laws live!

  5. What a wonderful weekend! The wedding looks absolutely stunning; I love the location, the cake, the flowers, her dress! Your dress is also beautiful. It looks like everyone had a great time. :)

  6. What a stunning wedding!! Their cake was beautiful!!

  7. That dress and color look great on you!

  8. That green looks gorgeous on you! I love the pic of you, Kevin, and your parents at the reception! It looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend, and the food looks SO yummy!

  9. Looks like a beautiful, fun wedding! Amazing she had such pretty peonies in late June! You look gorgeous!!

  10. That wedding was gorgeous..I love the flowers and the scotch/cigar bar was such a neat touch! You looked great in that green; and wow--I want to go to Red Roost!