Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday - Miscellaneous

My vacuum is about to blow up.  Like at any moment when I use it.  I've had it since college.  It's time for an adult vacuum.  We have central vac in our house but it just doesn't get things up like this will.

My favorite summer re-fuel breakfast.  Peach.  Avocado on a thin bagel toasted with salt and pepper.

Lindsay sent me this picture of she and I back in the day.  She thinks we were filming a video on larger folks working out.  HA!

Julie is a friend of ours and she went through a nightmare.  She relived her nightmare by writing a book about it.  She encourages anyone dealing with grief to read this.  She is a strong, amazing lady and she writes about her husband and son being killed when they were t-boned by an ambulance.  Her other son was also in the car and died three times on the way to the hospital but survived.  He says he saw heaven each time.  The book is temporarily out of stock but I think you can buy it for your e-reader.

I didn't get a new dress for this weekend's wedding.  Instead, I went to Luna (a cute shop in Phillips Place) and got fun earrings for less than $30.  I'm excited!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Dee Stephens said...

That books sounds amazing! I went all out about 7 or 8-years ago and spent $1200 on an Electrolux. Best purchase ever!

Shauna said...

I will have to look into getting that book. Brad and I want a Roomba badly! I am not sure Bindi would like it though haha

Sarah O said...

I want an adult vacuum so badly but that price tag is hard to take. Love the earrings!

Anna Thorne said...

We just researched vacuums before purchasing and ended up buying a Miele. It's German made & has better reviews & warranty than the Dyson. The Oreck store sells them. Great for hardwoods & rugs!

Mindy said...

I have that Dyson and it. is. AMAZING!!! I actually don't totally hate vacuuming anymore! ;) Super cute earrings, too, ps!

Rachel said...

You will LOVE that Dyson!! As a fellow big, shedding dog owner, it will change your life :)

The Mama Duck Blog said...

We have two Dysons and love them both. The animal is downstairs where most of the shedding occurs and the yellow one is upstairs. I was so grossed out the first time we used it because I had just vacuumed and it still pulled up sooo much dirt/hair.

Anonymous said...

How very basic of you.

Do you like that you are now one of the larger people your little video made fun of? How does that feel Fat Annie?

Portuguese Prepster said...

wow that book sounds very moving! I've been really into avocado lately too.