Monday, June 23, 2014

Celebrations and Parties

We had a big weekend!  

Friday night we celebrated Kevin's Mom and Brother's birthdays at Kabuto.  We love that place.

Kevin drove...which never happens.  I always drive us...have I told you all that?  I don't like the way he drives.  It's better for the health of our marriage if I just drive.  HA!

We all went back to our house for cake and gifts.  I had gotten a TCBY cake that I promptly broke our new PB cake knife on.  Well technically Kevin was the one pushing it at the time but the oreo crust and knife didn't work out well together.  

Their gifts from us!

We gave Mrs. G. this Williams-Sonoma wreath!  And gave Joe a Panthers Jersey with his last name on it (there is a player on the team with our last name so that's the one we got him).  I like the wreath better than the jersey! ;)

Saturday morning I hit up Flywheel and had my best ride yet.  The instructor Denise is so good and motivating.  I swear, this is the best workout.  And I'm picky about classes...usually I think they're wimpy.

I ended up not going home to shower, instead I just went straight to Polished and met Kim and her friends for a mani/pedi and lunch.  Kim is about to have her baby and we treated her to getting her nails done!  Cannot believe I was seen in public like this but oh well.  It was fun celebrating Kim!

Saturday afternoon we did lots of yardwork...that yard company is starting to sound REALLY good. 

Saturday night we had a party in Foxcroft again for our friends Connor and Mariel who are moving to Charlottesville.  He is our attorney for my work and they've become great friends of ours through work, supper club and blogging.  We'll miss them terribly but at least they'll be a quick ride up the road!

After the party, Kevin and I stopped by Dean and Deluca Wine Bar for a night cap and bruscetta. We hardly ever get out in the Southpark area so we took advantage of Uber and stopped over there.  

We enjoyed my old stomping grounds from when I used to live in Phillips Place.

Sunday morning came early and we played with our buddy.  

We went to brunch then headed up to north Charlotte to look at a house Kevin wants to buy.  I'll give you all a couple clues...this is the back.

and this is the front.  And we decided it was safer for me to go in the house with him versus staying in my car by myself.  I'll leave the rest to your imagination.  But yes, we may be owning this thing soon.  It's just so sad people live like this.  

And by the time we got home, it was almost 4:30pm and I hadn't been to the grocery store yet for the week.  Kevin started dinner while I did that.  Mills and I went for an after dinner walk then we all hit the bed early. 

Hope you all had a nice weekend!  


Emily {All You Need is Love} said...

Lots of celebrating - how fun!! Love that wreath, and I would LOVE to try out Flywheel -sounds amazing!

The Chardonnay Kitchen said...

He looks like such a stud driving that car! What a look of pure concentration!

Good for you two (maybe) turning that home around. I'm obsessed with that show Rehab Addict; the main woman buys decrepit houses for cheap and restores them to beautiful homes. Sometimes taking the first step can really make a big positive impact on a community!

Dee Stephens said...

It's opposite in our marriage. Brad generally drives b/c he hates my driving.
Can't believe ya'll are thinking of buying that house.
I know as an investment but it just makes me tired looking at it!

Meg Henning said...

what a great weekend!! i agree anything that is for the health of your marriage you gotta take control over and i have been known to tell my husband how to drive hm.. maybe i should start being the driver in our family

Shauna said...

Pretty wreath ! I've wanted to try flywheel but I'm chicken ...

Anni said...

I am totally the driver in our fam! I hate the way j drives! Also I am def going to flywheel with you when we finally get back in town!