Tuesday, June 17, 2014


On a whim, I went to Maryland on Friday to surprise my Dad for Father's Day.  Mom didn't know I was coming up either.  Basically Kevin was going to Wilmington for the weekend to fish with his friends and I had a million things to do in Charlotte.  But I left all my responsibilities and finally did something I wanted to do.  What a concept!

Mills and I went straight to Dad's office after the 8.5 hour drive in my lil sedan.  Poor Mills hates my car but there were no Tahoe's left in Charlotte according to Hertz.  Anyway, Dad wasn't there but the guy that works for him took a picture of Mills in Dad's office and texted it to him.  He thought it was a client's dog til he realized that the dog was IN his office!  Duh, Mills!

Then I went home and walked right in the house to find my Mom.  She let me roam the house and didn't even hear Mills and I.  Then she saw Mills and thought which dog is this.  Poor grandparents see Mills almost every night on FaceTime but they didn't recognize him in their own town.  I guess to their credit, they weren't expecting to see him.

First stop, Tractor Supply to get Mills a condo for their home.  I couldn't bring Mills' up there in my lil trunk.

Second stop, Old Mill for crabs.

Saturday morning Mom and I went to our lil shop where we always buy too much.  They have the CUTEST things though.  Pemberton for you local ladies.  Then we had lunch across the street on this lil lake.  

Saturday afternoon Mom and Dad had plans to go to Lottie's 90th birthday party and thankfully said I could attend.

 Lottie took care of my brother and I when we came home from the hospital. 

This was where the party was...right on the Wicomico River.  So pretty.

She certainly does not seem 90.

After Lottie's party, we went to a get together at my parents friends home who got married the next day.  Then we came home to our lil boy.  He got no love from his grandparents haha.

He loved this lil space.  He was always close to my Dad.

Sunday morning (Father's Day): essential breakfast.  He made it.  I can't do scrapple and eggs like he can.

Mills met Charlie (our golden I grew up with).  Creepy..yes.

 Mom and Dad went to their friend's wedding Sunday afternoon and Mills and I hung out and laid low.  I didn't even get out of my pajamas until 1:30pm.  

Mrs. Black (our next door neighbor) came over when they went to the wedding and she and I had wine and caught up.  Then once my parents came home, we went to EVO for dinner.

And we had the "Crab Dad Burger."  Crab and blue cheese on top of a burger.  Delish.

Mills and Poppa.

Yesterday, we cruised back south and made it in 8 hours and 15 minutes and only 3 stops for my buddy.  Made good time!

At the bay bridge tunnel they give the dogs these bird goodies.  So cute and Mills loved it!

He got a new toy at Tractor Supply...a John Deere tractor.  He's been so good to Gator and hasn't ripped him so I rewarded him with a new one.

Always glad to be back in Charlotte but I'm SO glad I got to go home.  I needed that break.


The Chardonnay Kitchen said...

Such a good daughter visiting your parents for a surprise like that!

Emily {All You Need is Love} said...

Oh my gosh, what a fun weekend! I'm sure you're parents loved the surprise - so funny you were just walking around the house :) All those crabs!! I have got to make my way down to Maryland! xoxo

Alayna said...

what a cute pooch and he has gotten so big! what a fun weekend. Nothing like sleeping in your old bed.

Brett said...

such great photos, how fun! That river location is beautiful, and that crab looks sooo yummy!

Dee Stephens said...

I'll have to email you the comment that came to my head when reading this post.
Mills is so big on your Dad's lap!

Hope @ Hope in a Blog said...

What an amazing weekend with family! Hearing all about Mills' adventures further confirms my hubby and I NEED to get a dog asap!!!! Xx.

Portuguese Prepster said...

aww sounds like such a great time! I love how your parents are such proud grandparents of Mills!

Miss Southern Prep said...

What a sweet surprise for your parents! It looks like they live in a gorgeous area--I love all of the pretty water shots.

There's seriously nothing better than going home for the weekend. I love sleeping in my childhood room and hanging out with my parents with no responsibilities, even if it is just for a day!

Sarah O said...

I'm so jealous, I want to pick crabs! Mills looks so comfortable at the grandparents house. Cute idea to give dogs treats on the bridge.

Whitney said...

What a fun trip! It's great you forgot your to-do list for the weekend and focused on what really matters - so hard to do but so worth it!

Shauna said...

Sounds like a great trip!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Looks like the perfect weekend! So special that you still keep in touch with Lottie! Also, funny, our friend Ryan's mom calls he and his wife's pups her "grand-dogs"!

teamaldrich said...

Your Miss Lottie doesn't look a day over 60! Amazing! Could you please share more details about that Pemberton shop? Town? URL? Thank you!