Thursday, June 12, 2014

Benjamin is here!

Yesterday I got to meet one of my bestest's new baby named Benjamin!  

He was born on Monday, June 9th in the afternoon!  Kimmy and Jeff are the proud parents and Jack is the cutest big brother!  They make parenting look easy and I'm SO happy for them.  They are the cutest lil family!  Andddd, Kimmy is one of those that looks like she did not just give birth two days prior!  

Oh my gracious, I could have held him all day..well until those couple things that he does and needs happen!  That's when he goes back to Mama!

Meet Benjamin!

Yes I've come a long way holding a baby since my first niece was born and I had to Google "how to hold a baby."

;)  Congratulations Kimmy and Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dee Stephens said...

Exciting and look at that hair!!

Portuguese Prepster said...

so cute!!!

The Chardonnay Kitchen said...

BAH I love that you googled that :) haha you have come quite a long way!

megan said...

That's hilarious that you Googled that. Benjamin is definitely a cutie. Love his head full of dark hair. He was born on my sissy's bday. :)

Hope @ Hope in a Blog said...

What a precious babe...look at his head full of hair!!! So sweet :). Xxxxx.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Awwww sweet newborn baby!! Aren't they seriously THE BEST!!