Thursday, June 5, 2014


It's been a long couple of days my friends.  I had to leave that lil face in the window and cruise over to Dallas this week for a quick trip.

Best part - I got to see Lindsey, Chris and meet Molly!  They were in Charlotte Memorial Day weekend so it's official - I see my Dallas friends more than my Charlotte friends lately.  Crazy!

Molly is their new yellow lab puppy.  She is PRECIOUS.  I told her she was coming back with me on the plane!

Lindsey said no way!  Ha!

I got to see their adorable home and then we walked over to Rise for dinner.  They serve amazing souffles.  This marshmallow soup was amazing...tomato bisque and the "marshmallows" are actually mini goat cheese souffles.  

We got the lobster souffle.

And the creamed spinach one.

And chocolate for dessert!

It was a wonderful meal but the company was better.  I love Lindsey...such a nice, genuine friend!

This is where President Bush and Laura sit when they come to Rise which is evidently quite often.

Yesterday my work guys and I went to this fast food joint called Cane's.  Check out their namesake.  Hello pooch!

Cane's serves all chicken fingers with the best Cane sauce.  A lot like Zaxby's.

Always glad to be back with my Mills.  He loves his new rope ball that one of his Aunt's gave him!

Kevin has had a rough week with his new agency.  It's probably better I haven't been here if you know what I mean.  The set up on these things is rough but he's taking it day by day and doing all he can.  I hope today is better for him.  

Chat soon friends!


Dee Stephens said...

CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It started in Baton Rouge when I was in college. It was just a little joint on the corner of Highland Road and now it's HUGE!!!!

Perks said...

LOVED seeing you!! Come back soon, friend!! xoxo

MCW said...

OMG that food!!! Looks sooo delicious!!!!

Leslie said...

I love Raising Canes! Looks like some good eats. I hope that Kevin's new agency settles down soon.