Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Parent's Pond

My parents have a pond on the side of their yard and it's so pretty.

It includes a little waterfall too.

And lots of perfectly manicured plants and trees.  

They have benches on the right side of this below picture on the sidewalk so they can sit and that ever happens.

I'd love to add a pond to our yard one day but I will say, it's A LOT of work!  


  1. if you ever want to add one I live with a pond scapes expert :)

  2. It was one of my biggest childhood dreams to have a pond - I begged my parents for one all the time! Now that I have a house, not sure I'm up to maintaining one! This one is beautiful!

  3. GORGEOUS! Reminds me a bit of a pond that Bryce's mom has!