Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Thank you for all of your comments on yesterday's post. Nice to know most of us are in the same boat!

I've been obsessed with Flywheel lately. My friend Tara got me hooked and I like telling everyone I know about it now.  Anyone do Flywheel or any other stadium cycling?  I like burning a lot of calories in 45 minutes. Running doesn't burn this much this quickly.  

Each class I try to get better. Effort is measured by the Total Power number.  One of my favorite parts of Flywheel are the statistics you get on your app the second you leave the class.  I also like that the room is dark so no one can see you panting ha!  

Highly recommend trying a class if you have it in your city!  If you're in Charlotte shoot me an email and let's go together!


  1. I would do this...just not at 6:30am haha

  2. I LOVE any spinning class -- we have SoulCycle up north that is taking over, but I love the idea of the app that sends you your stats right after class!! What a smart idea!

  3. You know from my Insta I'm the same way - hooked & telling everyone to go! Love it!!! Great tunes, great sweat, great instructors & in and out in 45 min! Last night was a PR of 207 and 215 is my next goal. #imsofly.

  4. I'm writing a post now about Pure Barre / new forms of exercise and keep going back to the Flywheel website! It's super close to my office. When do you usually go?

  5. I just joined a gym in uptown and I can't wait to start seeing results! It's all about the progress - I love this post! I'll have to check out a class sometime in the future! I would also love to see what PureBarre is all about!