Thursday, July 17, 2014


Been playing with new pillows.

Too perfect.


Much better.

The big ivory pillow is too wintery.

Still a work in progress.


  1. I recognize those pillows and I love PB's new Fall floorset!

    I'm not sure if you are looking for suggestions, and if you are, you might want to put only three pillows on the couch instead of 5 [the couch at PB is much larger and can handle the additional pillows]. I like that you have a variety of size and texture of pillows. You could easily take away one of the blue square embroidered pillows [maybe put it on a chair also in the room] and the ivory pillow. I love, love, love the navy chevron lumbar pillow against the espresso leather of your couch.

  2. Is this part of the class you took at PB?

  3. I love playing with throw pillows! I would grab another one of the large ivory pillows and mirror the ivory and blue diamond patter on both sides of the sofa. Then place the navy chevron in the middle! It will fill the sofa nicely and the mixing of patterns will compliment the walls and dark leather sofa! Love seeing posts like this! xo,