Monday, July 28, 2014

Simple Weekend

We had a simple little weekend.  

Friday night - fish camp with Kevin's parents.

Saturday - working in the yard.  I made this lil flower bed and spread mulch in the back yard.  Kevin cut the grass and trimmed all of the backyard yard project - trim those massive hollys in the front yard.  This will happen one night this week.  

Well deserved.  We worked hard and it was HOT!  Kevin's buddy Mark came over and we all hung out. 

Then we took Uber to the plaza midwood area to see Brad and Shauna and hang out on their porch.  They have a 3D TV so now of course Kevin wants one!  PS - click here for Shauna's's one you'll want to follow and bookmark.  She posts the best recipes and lots of other things.  She's a real life blogger as I like to call them!  And she actually blogs every week!

Sunday - another trip to Lowes, more mulch, more yard work.  We actually do enjoy yardwork even if it doesn't sound like we do!  

5pm - FlyWheel/FlyBarre sign ups for the week.  Hot commodity!

This morning - a sleepy lil boy!  He played all weekend long!


  1. 3-D TV~ awesome! :) Yard looks fabulous!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out friend! We are looking forward to seeing you again next weekend : )

  3. Aw Mills is too precious in his little bed! Heading to check out Shauna's blog now! Love finding new blogs to read! Life as I know it