Monday, July 21, 2014

Lindsay's Baby Shower

This past weekend was a nice one!  Lindsay's college girls from Carolina were so kind to include me in her baby shower.  Lindsay is one of my oldest friends...we grew up across the street from each other!  She just moved to Boston from Philadelphia so her husband can do his residency at Harvard.

The girls from college call themselves the "Hey Girl Hey" girls so they made the cutest banner that said, "Hey Boy Hey" since she's having a boy.

We had to tell her to turn to the side because from the front and back she doesn't look pregnant!

Diana, Valerie, Cat, Lindsay, Diana, Sarah, Amy.  The nicest gals.  I'm so glad Lindsay has them in her life!

The end of September will be here so soon and we can't wait for that baby to be here!

On Sunday, Kevin and I decided to do a bunch of stuff around the house like swapping rugs out and cleaning out some junk.  We need a rug for this room that doesn't clash with the oriental rug in the living room (they're right next to each other) ...but it still needs to be dressy enough for a formal dining room.  I just ordered one from online so we'll see how that works!

I made dinner for Kevin's cousin's family who just had baby Seth in April while we were in China.  It was wonderful to finally meet this cutie!  He was so good.  We all went to dinner at Hickory Tavern and caught up.  It's nice having family in town that are our age.  She and I both married into the family and we are really it's almost like an instant friend that's also family.


  1. I had that same rug issue when I lived in my condo.
    I actually went with a solid color. Took several tries to figure it out though! good luck!

  2. That baby is TOO CUTE - look at those chubby little legs!