Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Etsy Shop

Y'all this post is almost funny to me because I'm the least crafty person ever!  BUT I'm trying and I promised my friend Tara that I'd have enough confidence to post about my new hobby today.  

I opened an Etsy shop called Classic Annie!

It all started when I wanted a painted wooden wreath for this Fall and all of the ones on Etsy were $45 plus $15 shipping.  I did not want to spend $60 for a painted wreath, one that was only painted on one side.

So I'm trying to do something different.  I am going to charge $35 per wreath plus $10 shipping.  If you live in Charlotte, I'll meet you somewhere to give it to you so you don't have to pay shipping.   

$35 is for one side painted but I'll paint the other side too and the wreath will be $45.  So for less than what people are charging on Etsy for one wreath, you can get a 2 in 1 wreath!

Here are some I've made but you can tell me anything you want and I'll let you know if I can make it or not.  These are just examples!   

The below two are on the same wreath!

I'm thinking I can make 3-4 of them a week realistically so I'm not sure what kind of feedback I"ll get from this post but there may be a little wait if I get like 7 orders ha!  I doubt I will but I'm just saying!  If you would just like to email me, you're welcome to do that too and I can invoice you via PayPal.  My email is anniesadventures16 at gmail dot com.

Here is the shop link!  Thanks for reading about my new hobby! ;)


  1. These are so cute!! I love that you can make one for each holiday or season or team, best of luck!

  2. This is awesome! I thought about doing the same with photos I have taken.

  3. Yay! So fun! I ordered a few of the blank frames and made one for my mom and dad and one for M's birthday. It was so fun to get out a paintbrush and paint :)

    Question, what do you attach to yours to hang them?

  4. I love these! I will certainly keep your shop in mind for gifts for the holidays. I'm sure that my Mom would LOVE to have one of these :)