Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday

Linking up with April and Christina!

1.  Mariel hosted us for a wonderful dinner party last Thursday night.  She always goes all out and everything was perfect!  The homemade lasagna (noodles and all!) was over the top delicious!

2.  On Wednesday night I went to our neighborhood social committee meeting.  This youngin' is going to get things stirred up in our neighborhood!

3.  I've been looking for a vanity stool for forever because I'm tired of sitting on the floor to dry my hair.  I probably should wait until we decide what we're doing with our bathroom/my getting ready area before I get one.
4.  Speaking of redoing - we got pricing this week to gut our master bathroom, put tile flooring in our laundry and craft rooms, paint our shutters and also to REDO OUR FRONT DOOR!  Now we just have to pick out all the details for our bathroom which will take me too long!

5.  Christmas shopping - who has started?  I only have about 6 more people to buy for.  Not wishing away the season but I like to start early because I'm crazy.  I even bought wrapping paper last week.  Paper Source has the cutest paper!  I keep the Christmas list in my phone and if I'm driving or in a store and think/see something for someone, I'll write it down or buy it.  Makes life a lot easier come December 20th.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Can't wait for all of your house updates!! I haven't purchased anything for Christmas yet, but I do the same thing with the list in my phone and pretty much know what I'm going to get everyone. Good for you for being on your neighborhood's social committee! Our neighborhood doesn't do crap and I want to change that!

  2. Christmas shopping?? You're on OVERACHIEVER!

  3. hi from the linkup! :) glad i popped on over! that dinner party looks so lovely!!! (and yummy!)

    and eeee christmas shopping! need/want to start soon! thanks for the nudge :)


  4. someone said a week or so ago that Christmas was only 10 weeks away. Holy crap! I have not started shopping but started making my lists. Will be here before we know it.

  5. Scary to think that Christmas is right around the corner ... holy cow!

  6. I've just started my christmas shopping--good for you for thinking ahead!