Thursday, October 3, 2013

Christmas Wish List

Have you all started your Christmas shopping yet?  I have about six people left to buy for so I'm pretty excited.  One day during lunch I went to our local toy store and got all of our nieces and nephews their gifts.  That was really fun - the store wasn't crowded, the associate realized that I had no clue what to buy so she was super helpful and they wrapped them all for me!

So I know this is random but I keep a list of "would likes" on my phone so anytime I see something I'd like or need for myself, I type it in.  Then I can take things off the list later when I come to terms that I don't need $275 perfume etc.  Ha!  It works for me and helps me determine what I really NEED versus WANT.

Here are some things on the list that I've given to two people (aka mom and kev) that requested it for my birthday.

J. Crew Matchstick Jeans - I wear my jeans year round because of visiting construction sites so I've been going through them quickly.  Right now I only have one pair in working order.  

Whitehall Estate Sign for our yard.

16oz. Tervis Tumblers with my new monogram.  I love the ones I already have with my old initials and use them constantly.

NC State Lawn Flag - we're not allowed to have any flag hanging out front except the American flag (per the HOA) so I think this would be perfect in our backyard!  And PS - I like the HOA rule!

LL Bean Extra Large Tote that zips - navy with our last name on there.

Of course a J. Crew gift card, running shoes and most importantly the interior of our house painted (including trim!) would be nice toooooo but....!

What's on yall's wish list?!


  1. I am drinking out of that tumbler right now. I use them all the time as well. I have started a list...I usually get one going on Dec 26th. I need a new pair or knee high brown boots.

  2. You totally inspired me with that tumbler! I ordered one last week and can't wait for it to get here. ALSO just posted yesterday about the LL Bean bag I got -- in *navy* -- with my new initials. I got the one with the zipper top, but I know someday I'll get the HUGE open top one with just our last name for 'family' use -- beach trips, park trips, etc. Obviously you and I are on the same page :)

  3. Also, I'm SO JEALOUS you're so far along with your Christmas shopping. I am one of those people who likes having it ALL done before Thanksgiving so I can fully enjoy celebrating the holidays without shopping hassles. I am gonna need to go into high gear when we get back from the honeymoon!

  4. I keep a would like list too but I just email my husband everytime I find a gift I'd like so that he's got some ideas for Christmas and birthdays.

  5. I absolutely love my LL Bean totes too! Haven't really thought about Christmas, but I did come across a gift for my boyfriend - a cutting board in the shape of Texas, just have to order it!

  6. I swear by those Matchstick J. Crew jeans! They are the best (and totally worth the price tag)!