Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

Been awhile since one of these huh?!  Just a few wedding randoms!

1.  On Sunday, it will have been SIX months since we tied the knot.  I cannot believe it's gone by so quickly!

3.  Isn't the wedding gift giving process weird?  It's been so odd what you get from some people, what you don't get at all from some people and most of all, how giving people are.  We have been totally shocked and thankful all in one!  Fellow brides, you hear me.

4.  We are invited to three weddings over the next four weeks.  We are only going to be able to make it to two of them but we're looking forward to them both!

5.  I'm still mad about our photographer, Terra Bailey Photography.  She never touched up a picture she told me she would, not to mention how many pictures were missed the day of our wedding.  None of the food room, none of the people that were in there a majority of the night, none of Kevin and I that we love love, only a couple poses of just me total.  And she STILL has not blogged about our wedding or put any on her facebook page.  Nevermind that she has added events after ours.  Ahhh I can't even talk about it.  It just REALLY ticks me off. 

6.  Overall I'm glad the wedding process is over.  It was fun but it's been good to settle into our house and travel and just be us. 

That's all for today!  Nothing too exciting!


  1. The picture you used in this post looks really nice! You looked beautiful and you both look so happy :)

    I hear you about being disappointed with your wedding photos! My husband and I thought we picked a really good "experienced" photographer. But when we got our pictures back (saw them online), we were so upset. They were blurry, grainy, overexposed, etc. and I don't think she edited any of them. They don't look professional at all. They just looked completely different than those on her website. Thankfully, since I'm a photographer, I'm able to fix some of them, but many are not salvageable. Not to mention that many important moments were not captured and we got 100 less than what was promised to us. When I tried explaining our disappointment, she made excuses for everything except the first look where she said that she wishes the first look turned out better (it didn't at all - the first time we saw each other and the picture is SO blurry) - and then hurried up and sent the disk out the next day.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. Apparently (three months later) it's still a topic that still upsets me!

  2. Happy 6 months! We will definitely toast next Thursday :)

  3. Ahh that is so annoying that your photographer isn't holding up to her end of things! The photo you posted above is lovely though, so at least there's one!
    Our wedding venue did a similar thing to us, they never blooged about our wedding (even though they didn't every other wedding on the same weekend as ours) and they never put anything on facebook (with their own pictures, etc.)- though it's a different situation, it's just annoying all around!

  4. I wonder if you'd be able to utilize a different photographer to help edit and touch up the photos? Sure, you can't re-create the moments she missed (how awful!!!) but the editing could get covered in another way.

    Or? Hire a new photographer for a few hours in March for your anniversary and you two dress up all over again :)

  5. I still hate that you weren't happy with your photographer because that is such a big part of the day! I agree with the comment above - get dressed up for your anniversary and take pictures all over again! :)

  6. so sorry about the photographer! That's incredibly frustrating.

  7. Still sucks about your pictures :(
    The gift thing baffled me. There were people who I just knew would give us 'something', even a card, that have done nothing to do this day.

  8. Have all your guests email you the pics they took at your wedding/reception. Then find a photographer/photo editor to edit/crop/retouch them all, using a consistent style. This may help fill in some of your holes.

    Hire another photographer to take a fresh set of professional pics of you and your husband (and maybe the dog?). Have specific shot lists that are included in your contract to insure get the combinations/poses you want.

    Was there only one shooter at your wedding? That can be a tough job for one person. Consider this a lesson learned and move forward. Be thankful she is not using you as free advertising on facebook/websites. Privacy is priceless!

  9. I totally agree about the gift thing!! I was shocked at which guests gave us nothing and who gave us way more than they should have!! I feel so bad you had a terrible photographer. :( Def do an anniversary session for sure!!

  10. I'm in the process of writing Thank Yous... couldn't agree more with #3!

    That is awful about your photographer, I'm so sorry. I would be furious!