Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday

Hey friends, linking up with April and Christina today!

First, a big cheers to BHB!  She is getting married this weekend!  Wishing you the best, girl!

1.  This is what I came home to on Tuesday night after work and it made me so happy.  Fall air, fire burning with that perfect smell and Kevin chasing Mills around the backyard and playing ball with him.  I had big intentions of cooking a good meal that night and I just said, "what about chinese delivery?"  Sold.  Completely spur of the moment but isn't that the best sometimes?!

2.  I found some cute cocktail napkins at Belk here in Charlotte earlier this week.  Blackhawk Hardware also has hilarious ones and a bigger selection for all you Charlotte gals!

3.  Kevin never asks for new clothes so when he mentioned needing a new dress shirt, I told him I'd bring home some for him to try on, then I'd go back and get the colors he wanted.  He also wants his block monogram on the sleeve.  Yes, he is married to me but yall he asked for the monogram!  Brooks Brothers is the only place I buy his shirts because I can wash, dry and hang them myself and they look perfect every time.  Plus they pack well.  He does have a lot of Vineyard Vines and Southern Tide button downs but I always have to get them dry cleaned.  Brooks Brothers is the way to go!

4.  Oh our front door and how ugly it is.  There may be an end in sight.  I'm working on the lights on the side and above the door (per my post yesterday) and I am also trying to get quotes on the glass around the door and storm door.  I'd like for it to look like two pictures down.

This!  How classy is this?!  It also happens to be someone's home I know very well.  AKA my parents. Ha! It's not possible for the top of ours to look like theirs but we're going to figure something out.  Anything is an improvement at this point.

5.  I planted these pansies the other night.  Please cross your fingers and toes that they live.  Everything I plant dies.  Kevin told me I could buy more flowers if these lived more than a month!!

Happy Friday!  I'm going to put a stamp on my passport this weekend.  And next!


  1. Have fun on your fabulous trip this weekend! It was so great seeing y'all last night. I definitely did NOT need that Sauternes!

  2. Passport?? Where are you going??
    Brad only wears Joseph A Banks shirts and there's only one style. We wash, hang dry and iron his instead of dry cleaning too.
    Brad actually gets up and irons his clothes every morning. Can you believe?

  3. Completely agree, the VV shirts although great wrinkle horribly and are a bear to iron! We've found luck with Jos A. Bank & Banana's non-iron shirts, both hold up pretty well when traveling. I'm going to send you an email re: Mills & dog recs. Have a great weekend!

  4. I have a few friends that swear by those Brooks Brothers shirts for their husbands! I'm going to have to give them a try, maybe for Christmas? Have a great weekend!

  5. First of all, Chinese takeout + red wine ... you are speaking my language.

    Secondly - yay for your pansies! Just dead-head them from time to time and water them, you'll be set!

  6. Girl, you make me laugh. Your front door is not that bad! But I understand having something that makes you crazy and wanting to change it.

    Also...for what it's worth, J's favorite shirts are from Lands End. Great quality and we pretty much never dry clean them!

    Oh...and Chinese and wine?? I'll come join you next time :)

  7. Oh what a lovely little BHB shout out!!! :) Can't wait to fully catch up with all my blog girls!