Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday - Wedding Video and More

Linking up with April, Christina and friends!

1.  My Dad surprised me with this video this week.  One of my cousins took this from the hotel of our exit from the reception.  Her husband had been sick so that's why they were back at the hotel.  I LOVE THIS VIDEO and I'm thankful for it!

2.  Throwing a baby shower for my bestest tomorrow in Raleigh.  Cannot wait to celebrate her baby boy on the way!

3.  Today is one year since we closed on our home!  I cannot believe it's already been a year!!!  We have done so much to it but still have more to do!  Baby steps!

4.  Last year we closed on our home and moved, this year we have been busy going to weddings and doing other things on the weekend so I haven't made pumpkin bread in two years.  I WILL do it before November 1st......oh that's by next week.  Ha.  We'll see.

5.  Have you all stocked up on Halloween candy yet?  I got 4 huge bags at Target.  I cannot believe we spend that kind of money on CANDY, but we can't be the shabby new neighbors!  :)


  1. You are a very busy bee! But enjoy it. Pumpkin bread tastes just as lovely in March as it does in October.


  2. Somehow missed this post but I had to come back and see the video! Loved it..along with the commentary. :) Speaking of pumpkin bread, I just made some last night. Do it, you will be happy you did! :)

  3. That video is so sweet!