Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bathroom Inspiration

We've been scouring the internet and Pinterest for ideas for our bathroom.  

We like the cabinets and countertops from this picture.  We'll probably do quartz for the countertop because it won't stain like the carrara marble.

And we like the look of this shower from this picture.

Now what tile flooring do we get to match?!  And we'll have to figure out some tile for the shower too.

Still debating if we're going to take the tub out and make that whole wall a shower or not.  We never use the tub but some say to keep it.  We have another one in the house.  

Decisions decisions.


  1. Love that shower! That's the kind I had in my old condo. Word to the wise though. Squigee everyday to keep clean and use the Magic Eraser to clean it!

  2. our master does not have a tub.... we did a whole rebuild when we bought it and I did not include one into our plans for the master. I do not regret it at all. I enjoy a much larger shower much more! that being said, like you, we do have a tub in another bathroom in case we "need" one!