Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Restaurants

We've been making more of an effort to try new restaurants when we go out.  Over the past couple of months, we've been to these places:

1.  Chipotle - I had been many times but Kevin hadn't ever.  He wasn't the biggest fan and says he prefers Moe's.

2.  Which Wich - I had also been here but Kevin hadn't.  I love the lettucewich as a lunch under 300 calories.

3.  Cabo's Mexican Cantina - this place had been recommended to us by a few people so we gave it a try.  It's good mexican, better than Zapatas but not as good as Cantina 1511.

4.  Smashburger - this was in our coupon book so we gave it a try.  I liked it a lot more than Kevin.  They have small, medium and large burgers and make your own.  It's an easy way to keep a burger as low calorie as you can.  I had an egg and some avocado on mine.  No cheese.

5.  Highway 55 - this is probably the closest restaurant to our house and it was totally necessary after a big night out.  No shame here.

6.  Roosters - Kevin hadn't been and he was in Southpark yesterday for a meeting near lunchtime so we went there.  It was good!

It's fun to try new places instead of staying in the same ole rut!  Try it!


  1. We rarely eat out. Even before Shelby.
    Brad complains about the cost and honestly, I don't think it's as good as something we can prepare ourselves.
    Big occassions or for a fun night out with friends, but other than that.. we eat in :)

  2. There's a groupon/living social for Cantina 1511 that just came out today!

  3. Love Which Wich! And the grilled cheese at Rooster's is amazing!

  4. hold on, he had never been to chipotle?!? It's my favorite! There are literally 5 near my house in Virginia (definetly really popular in the DC/VA/MD area!) I love which which too!