Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Uptown

We had the very best weekend!  

Friday night just Kevin and I had a hot date to Nick's.  It's a new restaurant in a small town south of Charlotte.  We were highly impressed.  I had grouper with crab on it.  Kevin got a steak.  Afterwards we went over to Kevin's parents and chatted with them a bit.

Saturday we got chores done around the house in the morning then around noon we loaded up Mills and his gear and headed uptown.  First we had lunch at Which Wich in Southpark because Kevin had never been there.  We got to see my friend Scott who I hadn't seen in years.  We used to work together.

When we got settled into Kevin's (I guess it's now our) condo, we walked over to the new park in Charlotte.  It was so pretty.  There was a Cajun festival going on with a live band and tons of people.  Food trucks were there and lots of children running around.  Mills loved all the attention he got from people walking by.

We met some of our old neighbors down at the old Stool Pigeons (now Dillengers).  Mills played top security.

He had a big time out there and was good as gold.

He loved the balcony at the condo.  He had been there once before when we just got him so this wasn't new but he was so young then he may have not remembered.
We took showers and got ready to head upstairs to Dave and Jenn's condo for appetizers and beverages.

It was a gorgeous sunset that evening!

Then we all headed to Connolly's.  Kevin and our friend Emily.

Then it was somehow a smart idea to go to Roxbury which is the new Breakfast Club.  It's at the bottom of our condo building so on the way home.  

Benjy and Sarah came and met up with us.  You all recognize them from our Europe trip.  They got engaged in Paris, remember?!  

Good times!


  1. I think I saw you driving down Selwyn at 830am yesterday morning? Black BMW with Mills hanging out the side window??
    (we were on our way to church)
    I was going to text you. I figured you spent the night up here! HAA!

  2. So great that you still have the condo to stay in so you can really enjoy your nights :)

  3. Mills has such personality in this pics! Love it.

  4. I haven't checked out the park yet but your pictures from Saturday made me want to go! It's so pretty. What a fun weekend!

  5. What a fun weekend! It's so nice that y'all have a city place, too!