Thursday, September 26, 2013

Meals Lately

Megan and I were talking earlier this week about how we both like when people post menus.  It encourages each of us to menu plan (I've gotten better but still have work to do), eat different things and share recipes.  All good things!  So today I'm contributing a few recent meals I've made.

1.  Stuffed Shells - basically these happened when I had about 15 boiled shells leftover from when I made the Taco Stuffed Shells and ricotta cheese in the fridge.  I didn't make nearly what this recipe makes, I kept the cheese all low fat or fat free and didn't use meat.  It helped make these a lighter version.  And y'all, Kevin ate the spinach in them!  He does not do green things (other than salad) so this was huge.  And he liked them!

2.  Marriage Compromise Pizza - we try not to eat terrible during the week.  Key word - try.  But time is a problem most days, so the best bet is to do things in moderation and as healthy as possible.  This is something that worked for both of us.  A thin crust, wheat pizza.  He made his half and I made mine.  His was boring and just low fat cheese and pepperoni.  Mine was a southwestern pizza that I've seen on Pinterest but made my own version.  At 225 calories a slice, it wasn't a terrible dinner (I always try to stay below 500).  I only had 2 slices (half of my half) and saved the rest for lunch the next day.  Here's how it went down...
 - Crust - 270 calories for my half of pizza
 - Refried Beans spread on the crust - 150 calories
 - Low fat mexican cheese - 3/4 cup - 240 calories
 - Canned corn - 100 calories
Stop here and put it in the oven for what the package on the crust says.  We did 10 minutes at 425.  Take it out and add the following on top:
 - I used fresh heirloom yellow tomato
 - Sliced green onions from a few days before
 - Light Sour Cream - 3TB - 60 calories
 - 1/3 Avocado cubed - 85 calories
TOTAL:  225 calories/slice
Best pizza ever.  And a quick after work meal.

3.  French Onion Grilled Cheese

I saw a picture of this on Pinterest but it didn't have a recipe associated with it.  Kevin got home first the other day so he made it and I sorta gave him ideas.  He just ran with it.  Let me tell yall what - my boy can make a grilled cheese.  Always has been able to.  But this thing was GOOD and it'll be on our regular rotation this winter.

Servings: 2
1.  4 slices of bread buttered with light butter
2.  2 TB light mayo (1 TB for each sandwich)
3.  Sauteed 1/2 onion with 1 clove of garlic (prep this ahead so it's hot and ready)
4.  3 slices of white cheddar cheese (1.5 per sandwich)
5.  Pile it all up and put a little pam in a pan and cook on your stovetop!

Delish.  We served with one can of tomato basil soup (we split it in half).  I know, how dare I use canned soup but I'm just keeping it real here!  Total 400 calories.

Let me get this straight....we had three meals this week and none of them had meat in them.  Well Kevin had pepperoni on his pizza but it wasn't very much.  I'm impressed!


  1. Oh, yum! I especially love the "marriage compromise pizza". Lamar and I need to do that!

  2. No judging for using canned soup! :) Keep the meal planning posts coming.

  3. French onion grilled cheese! I'm drooling! xo

  4. emailing you the recipes for the delicious meal i made last night.

  5. Love the idea of "marriage compromise pizza". We're always in disagreement on what should go on ours, I think we'll go half and half next time. And I love your Kate Spade Wickford plates, I have the same ones!

  6. Ha Joey and I have the same issue! He hates vegetables so we have to do a lot of compromising too! Thanks for sharing!