Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Paris Day 4

Wednesday in Paris started out with our usual breakfast then we started walking.  Ally told me we had to stop by Angelina so we did!  Plus it was literally 50' from the front of our hotel.

Look yall! 

Then we walked down Saint Honors Street and went into some of those shops.  We found this market type place and picked up a bottle of wine and champagne.  We knew our friends were getting engaged the following night so the champagne was necessary!  Plus, those prices were a steal for that bottle of wine compared to what we were paying in the lobby bar for a glass.

I got my Mom a wrap in this cute store.

We had dinner reservations at 9:15pm at La Fontaine de Mars.  My bossman had told us to make a late dinner reservation here then walk over to the Eiffel Tower.  So that's exactly what we did!

We had a perfect table right outside.

I had duck confit and it was delish.  Kevin had the most rare steak I've ever seen in my life.

We walked with a nice family that we met over to the tower.  That thing is massive!

 It twinkles every hour on the hour at night.

We picked up a bottle of champagne from the guys that harass you to buy them.  It was warm.  Classy.  Thankfully we had the rest of our bottle of red wine from dinner.  We just sat out there and watched it twinkle.  And then of course we randomly asked this normal looking couple to take our picture and it ended up being someone from Kevin's company.

At least I knew they wouldn't steal our camera ha!  We tried to recreate April's professional Paris pictures! ;)

We took a cab back to the hotel with our new friends then walked to an Irish bar and met up with a big group.  Justin and Kathryn are presch.

Then it was time to go know at 3am.  Eeps!


  1. I have always said nothing good happens past 1 am...unless you are in Paris I guess :)

  2. oh, i'm so excited you are in paris! definitely one of my favorite cities. i can't wait to take my husband there one day. until then, i will drool over your photos. ;)