Tuesday, September 17, 2013

House Pictures - Dining Room

Side note, I've been hopping back on the morning running train lately.  I've been walking or running each night but I really prefer the morning more.  Mills and I have been going a couple mornings a week for the past few weeks but today I met a neighborhood friend Lisa for some mileage.  It was nice to be held accountable again.  You all know how I am, I go in phases of running.  I do it for a couple years then don't for 6 months.  Ya know, whatever!  I'm not hard core nor do I care to be!

Continuing with the house tour, today's post is about our dining room and it includes a male model! ;)

I've had this rug for years.  I got it when I moved to Charlotte I think.

I told you all about our dining room table that we got from my new craigslist friend back in July.  She also sold us six queen anne dining chairs (the ones with the white covers).  Eventually, I'll be recovering all ten chairs, especially since one of them has seen better days after some children have visited! ;)  Children won't be allowed on them at all after they are recovered!

Mom styled the top of this lowboy for us when she was here over July 4th.  The mirror was a wedding gift from my MOH's mama.  In fact, all of the items on top of the lowboy were wedding gifts too except the thing with lemons in it. 

Hey lil Mills!  You sweet boy!

I'm very against decorating for Fall before Fall actually happens (this coming Sunday FYI!).  But I am traveling and won't be able to do it then so I did put a few things out.  I know, I'm crazy but I don't like wishing away seasons.  I love Summer!

Next thing we'd like to add is a beautiful china cabinet, again from my craigslist lady.  It'll go on that far left wall.  She knows I'm waiting for it when she's ready to get rid of it.

Eventually I'd like a new chandelier but we have time to get that.

Should we add long curtains?  Do you do that with plantation shutters?  What color would you do?

And then the last thing that needs to be done to this room is to paint all of the trim.  We have the paint, but we just have to have our guy come over and do it.  We have SO much trim in our house and it's hard to fork over the mulah for that but it will really pop when we do.  I may ask for trim painted in our house for my birthday haha!

This lowboy holds all of our table linens.

That's all for today!


Dee Stephens said...

You're so much like me. There are many birthdays, Valentine's Days, etc that I have asked for new chandys and items for the house.
I think I would add curtains but I would start looking now. I would have them go to the top of the ceiling. YOu'll probably have to custom order through JC Penneys. That's what we did.
As far as a color. Not sure.. something that would go with your rug.
I think before I did all that I would ask for a new light fixture then do the trim.

Mariel C. said...

I agree with Dee....I think curtains would be perfect in the Dining Room! They add so much to a space. We don't have any, because somehow my mom convinced me you can't with the type of blinds we have and I totally regret not getting any because it looks so naked!

MCW said...

Yes, I would def add drapes. I would find an amazing seamstress to make them. Much better quality then you would get from a store. My mom's friend did my the drapes in my living room and all of the ones in my mothers house and they are AMAZING! I would go for a pattern with color in that room and add a fringe or trim...There is a great place in DE that has TONS of fabric at amazing prices - just an FYI :)

My Life as A Plate said...

Gorgeous! I love the look of plantation shutters!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Gold shantung silk curtains, hung up at ceiling! LOVELY!

Laurel said...

What a beautiful, and classic room! I adore the plantation shutters but I do feel that drapes would look wonderful!