Sunday, September 1, 2013

Paris Day 3 - The Louvre

Tuesday, August 6th in Paris.  We woke up, went to the free breakfast they gave us every morning (which was a buffet of anything you wanted) and then we walked and walked.  


We went to the shopping area to check things out.  Specifically the Galeries Lafayette.  It's a huge department store and they have every fancy brand.  Check out the inside.


Then we strolled to a cafe for lunch.  


It was in this cute little area of cobblestone roads and cafe after cafe.  We went there a few different days for lunch and tried a new place each time.


Then, we got ready for the evening and on the buses.  The Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, but they opened it just for us!  The Louvre is the largest museum in the world....and they opened it just for us.  Crazzzzzy.

And we were able to get amazing pictures and stand right next to Mona Lisa.  And since it was just our group, we didn't have to worry about any other crazy tourists stealing our stuff and everyone was so cordial to let each other have their turns.


It was literally crazy that we were in this huge museum, just us and Kevin's company people.


Then they held the largest private dinner that has ever been held at the Louvre.  It was under the triangular roof!




The appetizers were salmon, foie gras and something else I can't remember.  Just out of this world.


The wine this evening was unbelievably good.  From 2006.  The menu was just over the top.  


This lobster dish was our appetizer.


This was our main course.  Ox on the bottom, sea bass in the middle and the sauce that goes over the sea bass on top.  So 4 dishes per person for each main course, times 2,300 people.  Yeah....not a regular seated plated dinner.




This dessert was over the top too.  On dry ice, the hard chocolate shell.  I just can't imagine who and how long it took to make this meal.


Macaroons of course.


Then 55 coach buses took us to the entertainment part of the night.  Of course it was in a different location and of course they got 2,300 people there in 15 minutes.  

To the infamous Olympia Theatre.  First off, it's crazy that we were even able to have an event at Olympia Theatre, let alone who performed.  Only very famous people have performed here.




This guy is a painter that paints freehand to loud music in front of large crowds.  David Garibaldi is his name.  He has introduced many famous people.  But he started out our evening painting the Eiffel Tower.



He swings paint all over the place and dances.  It's really cool.


Then the CEO spoke and had a nice message about Kevin and his co-workers being heros for the work they do in their communities.  Kevin says he's not a hero but thanks.  Ha!


Then David got back to work to introduce the entertainer.  He painted this guy upside down.


Can you all guess?


Sting!  Sting was there for perform for US in the OLYMPIA THEATRE in PARIS.  Holy moley.




He was really awesome.  Even though he wasn't a country artist, I still knew about 95% of his songs.  Ha!



It was at least 8,000 degrees in that theatre so pardon how awfully sweaty we look but we had a grand time.  Then we walked back to our hotel.  

An unbelievable Paris evening.


Leslie said...

That's absolutely phenomenal! What a once in a lifetime experience to be in the Louvre with just your husband's associates. Everything looks amazing; I can't believe that Sting was there too!

Bev said...

Very sad that this same company just laid of thousands, including long term loyal employees. Very sad that they continue to flaunt their greediness, and exhibit such poor taste in doing so.

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

That looks like such a fun and incredible evening! Reading your blog is making me even more giddy for our trip to Paris later this month!

xx BHB said...

On one hand, I'm of course TOTALLY jealous of this amazing evening! On the other hand, I know Kevin works his butt off so it's only fitting that he's rewarded for all of his efforts!