Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday - Family Style

Today I'm posting 5 on Friday, Family Style!

1.  My niece had her first day of kindergarten this week!  She is growing up way too quickly!!!

2.  My other niece Sarah, Anna Kate's little sister, is playing with the wood that is staking out their new home on the water in Pawleys Island!

3.  We've had some Mills and Nannie/Poppa FaceTime.  They miss each other after he was in Maryland for 3 weeks while we were in Europe.  

He perks up every time he hears their voice and sees them on my phone!

4.  My new lil craft!  I couldn't validate spending $60 each for these wreaths on Etsy so I decided to make my own.  And I may go into biz and offer them cheaper.  Anyone interested in their own design choice?!  

5.  We celebrated Kevin's Dad's birthday a bit early last week and took them to Kabuto.  It was really good!



  1. Ahh the wreath is so cute! :) and I can't stand how cute Sarah is with her little crossed leg, so adorable.

    have a great long weekend!!

  2. omg the pictures of mills on the phone are so funny!

  3. LOVE those wreaths! I am looking to make ECU wreaths for Ian for our front doors.

  4. haha I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that has puppy facetime dates with the grandparents. :)

    Love those wreaths too, girl!

  5. My dog loves hearing my parens voices as well. He stares at the phone and turns his head from side to side. Happy Friday!

  6. The pic of Sarah with the stick = Classic! So adorable!

  7. How cute that your pup FaceTimes w. your parents! Our golden is the same way, she loves my parents -- thank goodness bc they keep her every time we're away. Love the wreaths!