Thursday, August 29, 2013

Paris Days 1 and 2

On the afternoon of Saturday, August 3rd, they came and picked up all of our luggage that we put outside of our door so it could be trucked up to Paris.  We just used small bags to put our last minute things in.  The large suitcases wouldn't fit on the PRIVATE TRAIN RIDE TO PARIS!  So they transported all of our luggage on a big ole truck.  Oh my. 

And we got picked up on Sunday, August 4th morning in coach buses and taken to the Monte Carlo train station to get on an 18 car, double decker train, only for Kevin's company.  Who charters an entire train?  Oh, them.

They had boxed breakfasts and lunches for us as well as drink tickets.

And a magician that came around and did tricks for us.  I'm telling y'all - no detail left undone.

We arrived to the main Paris train station and there were mannnnny buses waiting for us.  They took us to the Westin Vendome right in the middle of Paris.  It was within walking distance to the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and the big shopping area.

I like to say we got the best room in the floor, corner room and an amazing view....

You just couldn't beat it!

These are all from my phone!

Thursday night we got to reunite with more friends that joined us from the States and catch up.  They had a dinner at the Westin for us and we hit the sack early.

Monday, August 5th, we had a city tour and tour of Versailles.  This wasn't just any day that we had in store.  We didn't know how crazy it was going to be.  Our French tour guide ladies narrated as they took us around the whole city on a fancy coach bus.  They showed us EVERYTHING and really got our barrings for the rest of the week.

Umm iPhone picture from inside a bus?  Crazy.

They let us out to take some pictures.  

Of course they gave us a snack bag and a water on the bus.  No detail missed.

Then we went to Versailles.  AND PULLED RIGHT UP TO THE GATE.  

Versailles is closed on Mondays but they opened it just for us!  INSANENESS my friends!  Who can get Versailles to open just for one company?!!!!

The top two heads of the company greeted everyone.  I thought that was a pretty classy move.

I won't bore you with a bunch of museum pictures but a few stood out...

The Queen's bedroom.

Look at all of that silver!

Then we were lead around and we encountered these folks that led us to our luncheon.

They had at least 25 stations set up for us inside and outside under a huge tent.  Oh, just a little lunch.

They had this table of amazing wines.  The guys told us all about each one.  They were amazing.

Ridiculous food.

A band of course.

Umm this is just lunch yall!

Kevin looks like such a tourist in those tennis shoes.

Rose petals in the lil pond.

That night we went to dinner with about 16 people.  We sat with Ken and Stephanie.

The whole group!

We returned to stand on our balcony and watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle.  A truly magical day.


  1. Dear Kevin- get me a job NOW. Love-Maran.

  2. Once again I am floored. Amazingness!

  3. Oh my gosh, crazy!! They pulled out all the stops for y'all! You can pack me in your suitcase next time!

  4. the dinner! I'm drooling! looks amazing!

  5. OHHMMMGEEEE! I can't even stand it!

  6. What an amazing trip! They really went above and beyond - great for you! :)

  7. I am clearly in the wrong profession. Is Kevin's company hiring?!?!

  8. Holy cow. What an amazing trip!