Monday, August 26, 2013

Emily's Bachelorette Weekend in Asheville

We had a wonderful time in Asheville celebrating Emily!  We stayed in a bed and breakfast and had the whole house.  It worked out perfectly!

All of the ladies before we left for the Asheville Wine and Food Festival!

It was inside at the convention center and they had vendors down on the floor and all around the outside on the top level.

They had a wine competition and these judges were serious biz.

The food was amazing.

And so was this good looking chef from the Grand Bohemian Hotel.  Haha!

Many beverages were "tasted" and we had access to the VIP tent which poured full glasses of wine! ;)

It wasn't just wine and food.  Beer and liquor were also included.

It was a fun weekend with Emily's friends from all walks of her life!  

We had dinner at Pack's Tavern and were seated at the table right where the band set up.

Good times had by all.  All 11 of us fit into a minivan cab for the way home!

Cheers to Emily and the end of October they will elope to the Florida keys to get married!


Dee Stephens said...

Love it! I bet the weather was EPIC TOO!

MHM1314 said...

I LOVE that green maxi on you!!!

Meredith @ Barbell Wardrobe said...

this looks fun! packs tavern is so good!