Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monte Carlo Day 3 - Eze

Alright so day three in Monte Carlo started out with a stroll down to the marina to check out all of the boats.

They were crazzzzy.

I liked the name of this one, "High Roller"

One guy that was sitting on the back of his boat sipping coffee did not like the fact that Kevin took a picture of him.  I just smiled and waved.

We walked back to the square and went in a couple of shops.  Then we had a delish lunch in the lobby restaurant at the Fairmont.  We actually split a burger and that may have been the best burger I have ever had.  Haha.  

We got cleaned up and jumped on the coach bus for a boat ride to Eze, France.  Excuse me, a yacht ride...on this bad boy...

They served drinks and hor'deurves of course and we had a sweet French lady that told us about everything we were seeing.  

That's the Fairmont from the water.

The boats out on the water were unreal.  I had such a big time looking at them all.

Kevin got up there with the Captain.  He wasn't allowed to drive but somehow the Captain let me drive when we got closer to where we were docking.  I told him I had my Maryland boaters license...I'm sure that's what did it!  And no, I didn't get a French BUI (Boating while intoxicated)!

The sights were just unbelievable.

Largest sailboat in the world.

Our friends.

They told us who owned each of the yachts.

Then we docked in Ville Franche Sur Mer.

And of course coach buses were waiting for us there to take us all the way to the top of the mountain to Eze.

We walked up to this castle.  And that's where we would be having dinner with indescribable views.  Probably the prettiest site we've EVER seen.

And y'all know Kevin's work doesn't miss one detail when they plan these events!  She was out there greeting us!

We had dinner at a place called Eden.  And this is a view from Google that I took to really show you how gorgeous it was.  It's ranked as the #201 place to see out of 1,000 before you die.

The most amazing gazpacho EVER.

Meditteranean John Dory fish.

Imagine how long each of these desserts took to make?

Oh those chocolates.  And I don't even really care for chocolate.

Back to the buses to go home.  These buses on some of these roads just cracked us up.  The tight corners and narrow roads proved for some very entertaining rides.  People saw the buses and would just stop and back up and let us through. 

One last shot from the water.

The next day we were on our way to Paris!


  1. I am in shock how all out his company goes! So amazing!!!

  2. OMG!!!!!!! What an UNBELIEVABLE experience!!!
    I'm so jealous!!!!!! You're going to have to get some of these pictures framed and do a gallery wall of all your awesome adventures! And, yes.. I know you don't like gallery walls!

  3. Wow, this looks like so much fun! Beautiful pictures!!!

  4. Oh my goodness! The whole thing looks absolutely incredible, the food, the entertainment, and all those boats! I love that Kevin was "captain" for a few minutes.

  5. I have been there *TOO*!!! I am just totally transported back to 2001 with all of these recaps :)

  6. I definitely want to make a trip there at some point! looks fabulous!