Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rome Day 2

We had such a big day planned for Monday, our 2nd day in Rome.  Two of my co-workers had been to Rome and used the same guy for a private tour of the city.  Best money we spent the whole trip, I promise.  It was REALLY expensive but very worth it.  

This is Fabio, the company owner and who my co-workers know!

We got to see SO much of the city in one day.  We never would have been able to see all of that if we hadn't been driven around, just Kevin and I all day.  We learned a lot and Kevin loved talking history with Nick, our guide.  We didn't have to worry about navigating our way through a foreign country, we didn't have to worry about lines, he told us the important facts about each place (things we never would have known otherwise), it was just unbelievable.

We went into this church which is right near the Pantheon.  Beautiful.

This is the open roof to the Pantheon.

And us inside.


Colosseum.  We zipped in and out of here in 30 minutes.  Once you've seen it, you've seen it (in our opinion!).

Then he drove us right to the Trevi Fountain.

This was our hole in the wall lunch spot, our favorite type of place.

No one in there spoke a lick of English so it was even better.  Our tour guide knew the guys and set us up with the perfect table and told them to take care of us.  We thought our waiter was asking if we wanted a glass with our water when in fact he was asking us if we wanted gas in our water.  I said no and Kevin said yes without knowing what he was talking about.  Kevin took one swig and had to ask for a new bottle.  Haha.  They also don't have pepperoni pizza in Rome....pepperoni = sweet peppers.  So funny!

This is our tour guide and also owner of the company with Fabio.

The infamous key hole.

Then Nick took us to meet up with another guy that would be showing us the Vatican.  This guy was hilarious and full of knowledge.  He told us so many cool things about it.  This is his job - giving private tours of the Vatican.  Let's just say we didn't fool around in that place.....he showed us the important things and highlights and there was no waiting in line anywhere.  

It was sooooo hot this day and of course I had to have my knees covered.  Somehow Kevin got away with his long-ish shorts but I couldn't have.  It was fine but I look like a hot mess in the pictures.

Nick took us to some amazing sights on the way back to our hotel.

And most importantly took us to his favorite gelato place in town.  

He dropped us off at 5:30pm after picking us up at 9:00am.  We had officially seen Rome.  We showered and got ready for dinner and strolled down Via Veneto looking for the spot Nick told us to go.  

And it was wonderful.  Buffalo mozzerella and prosciutto appetizer.  Oh la la.

It was time to rest of up for the rest of the week!


Dee Stephens said...

Good to know about the private tour! Brad would be very into that. Because then you could cross it off your list and move on!
And, the gas thing got me when we went to Germany.
I had no idea what they were talking about!
I just wanted water! I couldn't get enough when I was there.
Finally, because we were near an Army base, we used our pass to get on site and went to their Commissary and loaded up on American bottled water to bring back to our hotel!

Miss Southern Prep said...

The private tour sounds awesome! I'm the same as you--once I see something and hear the important info, I don't need to stay for too much longer haha! You got some beautiful pictures!

Sunkissed and Southern said...

What was the name of the company and do they have a website? Curious bc we are leaving for our Euro trip Sept 18th!

April of Smidge Of This said...

So incredibly smart of you to book a tour for the whole city. We had one for the Colisseum and ruins and that was one of our favorite spaces just because we truly knew what was going on!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

A private driver would be so incredibly worth it and these pictures and stories are testament to that. What an amazing trip.

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I want to go to Italy so bad!

That gelato looks delish! I also cracked up about the gas in water story--that was one of my biggest problems in Europe, getting regular water in a glass with ice!