Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fried Green Pickles - Favorite Registry Items

Hi everyone! Megan from Fried Green Pickles here.
Anyway, Annie and I became friends while we were both in the midst of wedding planning. She and Kevin got married exactly a week after Cameron and I! We met up for drinks one night while her and Kevin were visiting Charleston and it was like we were hanging out with old friends.
So, to bring us back to our wedding planning, which I'll admit that I miss, I decided to talk about some of my favorite registry items that we received. Enjoy!
Before we got this blender, we had a crappy Kitchenaid blender. It would leave huge chunks of ice in my smoothies. But the Ninja? It leaves no ice chunks and perfectly blends my morning smoothies every time. I love that it comes with 3 travel cups and lids, also.
I have a pretty big obsession with all things gold. This flatware hasn't even made it out of the box yet because I'm waiting on the perfect, special occasion, but I'm still in love with them.
I know everyone and their moms probably have this everyday china in their kitchens, but I couldn't help but to register for it. They're durable, a great size, and the dainty dots are just the icing on the cake.
Just like the cheap Kitchenaid blender, I also previously owned some cheap cooking utensils. I didn't realize how crappy they were until I received the Calphalon utensils in the mail as a gift. They are super sturdy and worth the extra money.  
I'm know this isn't your typical registry item and honestly, I didn't even think we'd be receiving it. But when I came home from work and opened this beauty, it felt like Christmas morning! I'm obsessed with the grasscloth, and it looks so perfect in our bedroom.
-Gift cards
Some may think gift cards aren't as personal as regular gifts, but I say bring them on! The possibilities are endless with giftcards! I recently bought an amazing chair from Pottery Barn with giftcards that I wouldn't have even been able to think about doing without them.

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MHM1314 said...

We have "white dot" everyday china from Crate & Barrel! So simple and timeless.

Laura Cox said...

I'm in love with that gold flatware! Like you, I am obsessed with anything gold. I can't wait to see pictures of when you bring it out for the first time.