Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend! CCC and Catch Up

We had a fun and low key of both worlds!

Friday night we got picked up in a limo type van and taken to Charlotte Country Club for dinner.  It was fancy and very fun hanging out with work people and their spouses.  We all never get together like that so it's really cool when we do.  Then we took the bus to Howl at the Moon uptown.  We left our house at 5pm and got back at 2am.  I doubt Mills was pleased but I don't think he cared too much! ;)

Saturday morning I took him to get his hair cut (he was looking quite shaggy!).  His First Birthday is on Thursday so he got an early birthday treat.  He evidently didn't like the dryer portion of the bath too much but he survived.  I'm sure when he figured out he was going to get attention, he was fine with it all.

I took him to Petsmart to have it done but to be honest, I wasn't real impressed.  He may be visiting somewhere else next time.  Thankfully he doesn't get his hair cut often.

That bandanna did not last long after we got home.  Kevin had that thing off of him instantly.

I did lots of errands on Saturday and then we got ready to go to some friend's house for dinner.  He's also an agent with the same company Kevin is.  They're a little bit younger than our parents but we still have so much fun hanging out with them.  Just a really nice couple.  She fixed a yum salad with grilled corn, steaks, creamed spinach and mashed potatoes for dinner.  Delish!  We lounged around their pool after dinner and just chatted. 

Sunday I didn't leave the house and that was WONDERFUL.  Tara came down to hang out for a few hours and we played with Mills.  I stayed true to my word and made dinner last night.  Last night was shrimp pad thai and tonight is grilled chicken (which is currently marinating) on a salad.

Cheers to Monday AND a Lilly sale! ;)


MCW said...

I didn't really leave the house yesterday either, well until my parents came over and we walked to dinner. But, I didn't get in my car. It was so nice!

Dee Stephens said...

I'm done hanging out late like that. I did it once at the beach and felt awful :(

Rachel said...

Mills is going to be ONE? Didn't you just get that cute little furball?!

Glad y'all had a fun weekend!

Portuguese Prepster said...

Mills is so handsome!

Leslie said...

Aww, I love that he got a doggy haircut! What a great weekend. :)

Brianna Tucker said...

Petsmart isn't very good. They knicked our dog a ton the first time we took him and thought it was a fluke. We took him again and it gashed his ear :(

Elizabeth | The Blush Magnolia said...

I cannot believe he is almost a year old!!! Riley needs a haircut, too! Where do you go?

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Love that first picture of y'all-framer for sure!

megan said...

That's a great picture of y'all! Cannot believe Mills will be 1 tomorrow! He is still so handsome - of course. :)