Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday

1.  I'm thankful today is Friday.  What a week.  I had a girl's night on Tuesday for our neighborhood bunko.  It's the first time I've been able to make it and I've really been missing out on meeting all of my crazy neighbors.  I had such a fun time!  And I met a new friend around the corner that wants to run at the crack of dawn in the mornings with me. 

2.  Yesterday and today I've had to travel under my old name (I still keep both licenses in my wallet - highly recommend!).  My friends at US Air didn't think it was important for me to change my name for this one time if I was good with it.  And I didn't care either.  Miles are miles. 

3.  Remember I told you all about my friend Emily's bachelorette party in Asheville recently?  Well she and her fiance decided the next week to elope in NYC.  They had planned on doing it at the end of October in Florida but they said, "why wait?"  Love it!

4.  Ole Mills-a-roo and I have been on a mission with our walking and running lately.  He loves it!  Another thing he loves is getting spoiled by me brushing him with the furminator.  It's a win win for both of us because he likes the attention and I like not having to vacuum daily.  :)

5.  This picture cracks me up for some reason!  


megan said...

Yay for furminators! I need to start some kind of girls night in my neighborhood because I don't know anyone other than my direct neighbors. I don't even know if there is anyone under the age of 50 though other than me.

Perks said...

Yayyy for Emily!!! How fun! And I LOVE her dress!!

Portuguese Prepster said...

that last picture is too funny! happy weekend!