Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Essie Watermelon

Last year for Christmas, Kevin got a list of "would likes" and my parents got a list of "would likes."  They both ask for lists so why not give them?  Kevin decided to pass part of my list to his parents which I was completely fine with.  I'm pretty sure his Mama would rather pick out nail polish, rather than Kevin.  

And she picked out this Essie polish called Watermelon and stuck it in my stocking.  I painted my nails with it a couple times earlier this year but it was pretty bling for my fingers (I'm super boring and wear plain jane stuff, especially in a professional work environment).  

But I pulled that bottle out last night and put it right on my toes.  I think it's the perfect transition from summer to fall color.  So all you nail fashionistas, tell me what you think!

And no these are not my fingers.  I do not take pictures of my left hand so you all can see my ring (except when I got engaged haha!).  I also was not about to take a picture of my feet and put them on my blog!  Ha!


  1. I *LOVE* watermelon! I wear it all the time in the 'transition' times. I'm so excited for darker fall/winter nail polish colors. I have OPI Romeo and Joliet on my nails right now, kind of a dark coppery reddish brown. I'm going to shock at least one of my traditional aunts when I wear super dark nails on my wedding day!

  2. Don't think I've seen that color before, but I love it!

  3. I haven't heard of this color before, but it is so pretty. I really like it!