Thursday, September 5, 2013

Paris Day 5

I'm trying to zip through these recaps but I'm sure yall are getting tired of them!  It's just this recap and one more, I promise!  Then I'm moving on to house transformations.

On Thursday, Kevin had a rough time getting out bed but I didn't once I decided to go shopping.  Ha!

Longchamp was right around the corner from our hotel and I have no clue why it took me five days to get there.  I ended up getting a new purse yay!

He finally arose from his comotose state and we walked to a little place for lunch.

French onion soup.  

Seafood salad.

That's the place we went.

Then we walked across the Seine river bridge and walked along the river.  We found this chalk wall and added our names.

Then we popped into Musee d'Orsay at the suggestion of my bossman.  It is an old converted train station.  I'm glad we went but we aren't people that are obsessed with looking at each piece of art.  I think we were in and out of there in 45 minutes or less.

We walked back toward our hotel.

And found the infamous key bridge.  There was a guy selling the locks for 5E so we bought one so we could say we did it.  

He says he threw one key and kept one.  Who knows, he's crazy!

We got cleaned up and ready for our hot date.  We just found a cute lil place on a corner and plopped down for a quick dinner.

Then we went back to the hotel bar and met up with our friends.  

We walked over to where Benji and Sarah (the newly engaged couple were having dinner) to surprise them and Kev and I sent them some champagne to their table.  

We walked to a nearby bar to wait for them to finish their dinner then we all celebrated and toasted them!

So happy!  He proposed on the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower!  She was shocked!  It was the hardest secret I've ever had to keep because he told Kevin and I the first night we were in Monte Carlo, so this was over a week later!

The whole group!

Then we went to the Big Buddha bar to break it on down.  We went to the one in Monte Carlo too.  Good times!

Chaos on the dance floor.  We got Sarah a shirt because she was obsessed with the place and it'll be fun for her to have from the night she got engaged!

Walking back to the hotel was interesting haha!

But we made it and I ran upstairs and got the champagne and cups for everyone!

And we stood out front of the hotel and toasted the newly engaged couple!

And Kevin picked up TMark for some apparent reason!

Hilarious and fun evening!


Portuguese Prepster said...

I dont think I read anything past French Onion Soup. Now drooling at work!

Dee Stephens said...

HAHAHAH! Ya'll all look wasted!! Such fun and congrats to the new couple! I remember asking them at the cookout when they were going to get engaged!

Leading a Colorful Life said...

I missed the Longchamp store! I saw it one day but couldn't find it when we were shopping! And the lady I asked sent us to Galeries Lafayette. Booo :(

Bri Buzali said...

I've loved reading your trip recaps! My best friend and I just booked an 8 day trip to London, paris, and rome. We leave in March! I'm a little nervous so if you have any tips/tricks please send them my way!

I posted about it here...

Mariel C. said...

OMG YAY!!! I'm so excited for them! I can't believe he waited all week to propose! I bet she had NO idea it was going to happen. How fun!