Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Wedding advice!

1.  I wish I had known that my feet would hurt after wearing heels Friday for the BM Luncheon and unbelievably uncomfortable Bagley Mischka's for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (which I have since taken back to Nordstrom).  I was literally at the point of nothing felt good by Saturday morning.  My left foot still hurts to this day from April 6th weekend!
2.  I liked that I took time for myself that weekend to sit and think what Kevin and I were about to do, who came to town for us and just that the whole thing was happening.
3.  When we were in the church bridal suite getting ready, I remember thinking, "Oh my gosh, it's MY TURN to put on a white dress!"  I'm usually the perma-bridesmaid which I love too, but this was my chance and I still didn't think it was real!  But it got real when I put that dress on!
4.  Every time I saw my Dad that day, I got teary.  We agreed to not think about it or talk about it.  While the processional was going on and we were about to walk in, we just walked quickly haha!  And in true "me fashion," I said, "Hi Everyone" really loudly when I walked up the aisle.  It just came out!  Looking back, I think I said it because it was better than crying all of the way up and when I walk into a room with ALL of my favorite people, I would say HEY everyone!  So I did...and then everyone laughed.  Hey, it is who I am!
5.  Mills was outside the church when we walked out!  That was the best decision EVER.  We loved seeing our buddy there and all of our guests loved it too.  I can't wait to see these pictures!  One of his camp counselors brought him! :)
6.  I LOVED the flowers that Lynette with the The Bloom Room did.  Yall got to see a glimpse of those yesterday.
7.  Another thing that was top notch that was suggested by Nathan at City Club where our reception was - once we got to the reception, we went to the top floor and they had our own room set up with a gazillion candles and they had our drink of choice and appetizers waiting for us.  This was SO nice to have time to regroup by ourselves!  We then got introduced, cut the cake immediately (highly recommend) and did Kevin's and my first dance, Dad's and my dance and Dad's toast.  Then the party began and it was never interrupted the rest of the night.  That was nice!  After the toast, Kevin and I went back up to our room and ate dinner.  Again this was amazing to have.  No getting interrupted during dinner....we ate!
8. There are a lot of details that most brides do that I'm still glad I didn't do.  Some things just weren't necessary for me and I'm glad I didn't stress over any of that. 
9.  I'm glad that everything was downtown Charlotte and in walking distance.  That made life SO easy for me that weekend because all 120 of our out of town guests weren't asking me where to go.
10.  Another thing I'm glad I decided - have it at a place like we did.  City Club was absolutely amazing.  The food was good, the service was good, it was just all perfect.  And I didn't have to rent each fork and wineglass.  It was all there and under that one vendor.  Again, this was just nice for me and what I was looking for.  Less hassle = less stress = less to worry about that weekend.
I'm sure I'll think of other things to tell you all about.  I just cannot wait to have the professional pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love number 4!!!! I feel like that is definitely something I would do because I always feel so awkward when the attention is on me!! Can't wait to catch up on your blog!

  2. I'm so glad we did everything Uptown like ya'll too. A TON easier and you didn't have to worry about transportation or if someone was where they were suppose to be.
    We had a room before we were introduced with food and drinks too but not enough 'real' food. I wish I would have eaten more but looking back, I probably wouldnt have b/c I didn't want my tummy to protrude ;)

  3. SUCH great ideas!!! I absolutely adore that fact you had Mills there after the church! What a fab memory and then everyone got to see him! Glad you got to eat! That's so smart!! And good for you for returning the shoes to Nordstrom! I did that recently with a pair and my friend thought I was crazy for returning them after wearing them! Love the hi everyone part! That's so sweet and personal!!!

  4. I love that you had Millsy outside of the church after y'all walked out a husband and wife! I wish I could have seen Brady that day! Can't wait to see pics of that!

  5. Aw I love this post! Having Mills outside is so sweet- can't wait to see those pics! And while I am not a fan of the bride and groom sitting alone at the reception, I think the idea of your own room to eat and regroup in is awesome. I've never seen that done (which is amazing because I have been in four million weddings) but I love it!


  6. Love that you said hey as you walked down the aisle, love that Mills was waiting outside, and love that you had a little private room during your reception!!

  7. Love all of these & agree 100%! We did all the "business" wedding stuff right away too & it is still my favorite piece of advice for people. Don't you just love Nathan? I still wish the City Club had been big enough for our wedding just so I could have planned with him. I adore him! I'm so glad the weekend was everything you dreamed it to be!

  8. great the one about you and your Dad..that would totally be me!