Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wedding Pictures - The Guys!

Some of yall asked about the top I wore in my blog post yesterday.  It's from The Impeccable Pig.  I got it at their Charleston store in February (my friend Megan told me to go there!) and it doesn't look like it's on their website anymore.   There is also a Charlotte store near the Barnes and Noble in Southpark!  I love that they have such cute things that are reasonable!

On to Wedding pictures........

You'll notice that some of these are just random but I want to scrapbook/blog our whole wedding.  Not all of the pictures are great.......but that's another story for another day.  I learned a big lesson.  And it's sad because the pictures I have are all I have from that day.

Welcome to the guy's suite!

My Dad and brother.  I gave my Mom and Dad hankerchiefs that day that were monogrammed with a sweet saying and a long letter to each thanking them for EVERYTHING.  Of course, no pictures of Dad reading his.  Grr...

 My Dad and Kevin's Dad.

Going down in the elevator!

Walking to the church!  The guys walked, the ladies rode a bus!

Cutest ring bearer ever?!  Yes!

Most of these guys are from growing up.  These boys are a hoot and a half!  They crack me up!  The one on the far right of the below picture has a laugh like noone I've ever heard.  He and his fiance Shauna are getting married in Mexico in October!

My brother and Finn the ring bearer.  He is our cousin's little boy!  

This boy is going to break some hearts ladies!

His Mama helping him pin his boutonniere on!

Kevin with his parents.

Kevin, his brother and his parents.

Brad and Kevin.  Brad has the crazy laugh.

My brother and Kevin.  Ugh wouldn't you think SOMEONE would have told Kevin to button his jacket..............................lawdy be.

Two of my favs!

Dan and Kevin have a fancy handshake!

There are all the studs!


Now that is a great picture of Kevin!  He is himself in this one!  Always goofing off!

Next up are the ladies!


Dee Stephens said...

My favorite is the color picture of Kevin in front of the red church door!

Maureen Callahan said...

Thanks for letting us know about the shirt. It is seriously adorable.I will have to hope I have luck to come across one in Chicago. Gosh, how I need to move to Charlotte! :) Thanks! Great wedding pics, btw the way. The event looked so classy, fun & full of love.

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

loves these. And can't wait to see ceremony pics bc I've always wanted to see the interior of that church!

Sammie said...

very chic :) the guys look fab in their suites :)

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I just creeped on all your wedding recap posts - your pics are SO stunning!

I'm curious to know though what your "lessons learned" about the photos are... I'm getting married in September and I am SO so nervous about the pictures.