Friday, May 31, 2013

Wedding Pictures - Family and Bridal Party

Here are the formal family and bridal party pictures.....

This picture cracks me up for many reasons.  Dad laughing and me giving Kevin grief about something.  Then Mom is just happy as a lark posing!

My family!  My parents, brother, SIL and two nieces!

The four "kids"

With Kevin's family minus his precious niece!

The "kids" - Kevin and I with his brother and SIL

Us with our minister...who came all of the way from Maryland to perform our Methodist ceremony.

With our parents!

All three of us have the same rings.  Meant to be!

One of the biggest things I didn't want in our bridal party pictures are the ones that EVERYONE does uptown Charlotte.  I'm glad these are just classic, simple pictures.  I wasn't interested in fountains or awkward couples standing next to each other.  Again, to each their own, I just didn't want that.  I like how these turned out, I just wish we could see everyone's faces and everyone was looking at the camera at once.


  1. They look great! Where was Kevin's niece?
    My BIL and SIL had her Mom come in and watch the kids instead of bringing them to the wedding. It would have been kind of nice for pictures to have them there but not at the actual wedding. They were little then..

  2. So, so pretty. Can I send my florist a shot of your girls' bouquets? They're so pretty!

  3. The pictures look great! I love that your mom matches that beautiful coral church door and the bridesmaid’s dresses look great against it too! Did you do a plain gold band? That’s what I did too bc I wanted us to have matching gold bands. TGIF xx

  4. I am really regretting not wearing a cathedral length veil now after seeing yours.

  5. Gorgeous! The black and white one of you and your bridesmaids is so, so pretty. And that coral color on your Mom is just perfection, she is glowing!

  6. I love all of these! I totally agree about the "cheesy" pictures that a lot of people take. I love the black and white of you with your bridesmaids!

  7. You are such a beautiful bride!!! And these photographs are gorgeous. The photographer did an awesome job!

  8. I love that you are posting all of these!! More more more!!

  9. I love the one of you with all the groomsmen and Kev with all the bridesmaids! Your brother also has a beautiful family!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the bridesmaids dresses soooo much! And the bouquets are stunning!

  11. This is awesome! The bride is so gorgeous.
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