Wednesday, May 8, 2013

People's Priorities

Life really is all about what your priorities are. 

Some people could careless how they dress as long as they have a cool car.  Some people would rather live in town then 10 minutes away to save money.  Some people would rather have every single piece of Yurman instead of going on big trips.  Some would rather go on a big trip and save their pennies by never eating out. 

It's all about what YOU want to do with your life.  Right? 

These are some of my priorities!

(remember when Mills was this little...oh my!)
This was a fancy trip....we like those too!
This was a surprise trip to Kevin - we just landed in California and he didn't know we were even going to the airport.  This was FUN for me to do for him.
Old friends.

Another fancy trip - the CMAs.  Kevin and I have felt fortunate to be able to see and go so many cool places together.
More friends...
We are both blessed with lots of friends from all walks of life and we are so thankful.
I also love J. Crew, Lilly, Nordstrom, BMWs, Williams-Sonoma among other nice and over the top things.
But at the end of the day, I believe our friends and family matter most of course!
So rank it for me girls, how would you put these in order of top priority to low priority (we already know your family and friends are top!):
Travel, Cars, Clothes, House, Possessions


I Do Declare said...

House has now trumped travel for me, so:
House, Travel, Car (b/c I have a legit commute, otherwise it'd rank lower), Possessions, Clothes

April of Smidge Of This said...

Oooh, I like this post! Here's my hierarchy: House, travel, possessions, clothes, car.

Now, with that said, I put house first not because it's important for me to have the largest and grandest house, but because I enjoy spending time beautifying our little home, planting flowers by the entryway and creating a relaxing place to spend our non-work hours.

Alayna said...

house, travel, car ( I travel over 60% of time for work), clothes and possessions. Good post:)

MHM1314 said...

Ooh I like this one! Way to make me think first thing in the morning :D

I'd say:

House -- all of my 'extra' money goes into a savings account so that someday I can own a home. It's one of the big goals of my life.

Clothes -- but I've weirdly begun hating to shop. I'd rather have four classic pieces that go with everything than fourteen trendy items.

Travel -- I don't do this enough since I so heavily prioritize #1, but cannot WAIT for a 10-day getaway for my honeymoon!

Possessions -- This one was tricky; some possessions have sentimental value and that is very important. Otherwise, I don't need a lot of things. Plus in a NYC apt I need to be as clutter-free as possible!

Cars -- don't need one in NYC :D

Dee Stephens said...

*travel(even though we don't get to go as much)

Leslie said...

This is so true! Mine go
1. House- We don't have a home, but we spend a lot on renting our apartment so we don't have really long commutes. This protects a valuable commodity-time!
2. Car- my car isn't super expensive, but I love having one and a Beetle is my dream car
3. Possessions- upgrading from our undergrad furniture has been amazing, even though a lot of the upgrades come from Target
4. Clothes -I do enjoy having a few nice things, but nothing is too extravagant. It's nice to have the appropriate clothes to wear at different occasions, though!
5. Travel- I like going places, but I don't want to spend too much money doing so. I'd much rather upgrade our apartment!

Ashley W said...

What a great post!

House (I mean, when I actually have enough money to buy one...)

I believe the first 3 (family&friends, travel, and house) all sort of fit together as one. By planning big/fun trips we get to see the loved ones who we don't see on a daily basis, and with the house we can open our lives up to share with our favorite people. I'd have to say that those 3 would be my top. All the rest is just icing on the cake!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Looking to the future, I'd have to say after friends and family, house would come first (I don't mean a mansion, just a nice house I can be comfortable in and make beautiful), travel would be second, then clothes. Car and possessions would fall last, although, I wouldn't necessarily want to drive a HORRIBLE car!

How do you rank them?

LuLu said...

I love this post. I was just thinking about this Monday evening and discussing with Keith.
House (prob move to top when we purchase)