Friday, May 3, 2013

Recipe - Kevin's Creations

I really didn't feel right on Wednesday and I had all intentions of leaving work early but it really didn't happen.  Kevin ended up leaving his office early, went to the grocery store and got stuff to make dinner with.  When I walked in, dinner was made.  And it was healthy and good.  I could get used to this!!!!
He grilled some shrimp we got at The Meathouse.  They were marinated in some chili lime garlic goodness I think.  He also made the green mixture below - cilantro, diced yellow onion, garlic salt and lots of fresh lime juice.  Also a must - grilling the taco shell - essential!
He filled these mini peppers with low fat mozzerella cheese and grilled those in our fish basket.  It was all SO good. 
 Dessert was fresh pineapple that we cut, he grilled and put his magic sauce on it that I had to leave the room for him to do.  It was a lil brown sugar and honey.  Delish!
And yes, those are our new plates!  Kate Spade Wickford.  Yay for no cracks in them like my old ones from college!
Happy Friday!


  1. Okay, this all looks amazing. That PINEAPPLE ... ingenius!

  2. Wow! THat looks beyond delish! I think you picked a good egg to make that great meal for his new wife.

    Are you used to saying you are a wife yet?


  3. Go Kev! I want to recreate that entire meal next week! Love the plates, too!

  4. You really have a keeper, my friend. That food and recipe looks delicious.

    PS-Those Kate Spade dishes are amazing. So classic.

  5. That's awesome! Brad does most of our cooking these days. I tell him what to cook with what, etc. and he executes while I take care of Shelbs. We trade off sometimes he just enjoys it more than I do these days.