Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vegas Chaos

It's not every day that your co-workers, clients and vendors are friends.  And I'm talking good friends.

But that's how it is for me and I'm SO glad.

I flew out to Vegas on Sunday and hung with my client and friends at the Mirage pool.

Then I checked into Elara which is where we stayed.  Hilton points!  Of course, the penthouse level.  Well deserved in my opinion, if I do say so myself! :)

That night I went to the Bellagio for a party that one of my engineers hosted.  I invited Nicole and Jody from our office too!

Then I had a dinner for another client at Fix in the Bellagio.  It was good but not amazing.  It was a late night of going to another party that an engineer hosted at Hard Rock at the pool.

Monday I went to the conference all day which was amazing.  All of the national retailers in the country and major development firms had booths.  I'm not talking just any kind of booth....I'm talking like it looked like you were walking into a brand new Wal-Mart.  Every single one had custom carpet or flooring, ceilings, just out of this world crazy stuff.  This was in the convention center and the inside of the center didn't even look like a room.  It was just decked out with these fancy booths.

Around 2pm, I headed to Sushi Samba at the Palazzo to hang out with our general contractor.  Mannnnny martinis later (they each had 5, I only had 2) and an amazing 20 rounds of sushi (ha!), we left and went to get ready for our dinner plans that night.   

We had an internal company dinner after one of our client's happy hours.  

We ended up thinking it was a wonderful idea to go to The GhostBar for table service after a party and dinner at Gordon Biersch.  Umm okay....!

It's on the top floor of The Palms and super fancy.  Amazing views.

Our tab was hilarious.  Let's just say that.

This is an example of one of the booths at the convention.  I've never seen so many well dressed and fancy looking guys in one place before.  I told Kevin that it was just unreal.  All of the country, big time commercial real estate guys all in one place.

Wynn after the GhostBar.  We went to the Wynn and Treasure Island.  This was at 3am so I'm not sure why we did.

Tuesday I thought I was going to die and I swore off drinking for the rest of my life.  But of course I bounced back.

After my meetings were done, I went our hotel pool for about an hour to catch up on emails.  That was nice.

Tuesday night we had reservations at Mix which is on top of THEhotel at Mandalay Bay.  I had gone there back in 2008 for the first time.  It's unreal, probably the nicest restaurant in Vegas.  I had caviar when I was there before.

Of course we were in a private room and this was the view.  Our GC picked up the tab here.  I'm telling you guys - everything is over the top.  Crazy.

The bar at Mix.

I had Filet Rossini which has foie gras and black truffle on it.  I'll let you all google that.  It was unreal.

They all stayed out and gambled after dinner but I only could hang for another hour or so.  

Yesterday was a long day of travel back but I was SO glad to get back to reality and see Kev and Mills.  I plan on recouping this weekend.  As of now, I'm still on pacific time but was up at 5:30am EST (so really 2:30am) this morning for no reason at all.

Hope you all have had a good week! 


  1. Rock on Sista!! I was at the opening of the Palms and VIP party was at The Ghost Bar. I snuck up with my camera crew and was hanging out with David Schwimmer from Friends, Vince Neil from Motley Crew, Penny Marshall and tons of other celebs. It was ridonkulous!
    When I lived out there the top of Mandalay Bay was the HOuse of Blues Foundation Room that was a private club. My friend was a member b/c of her work and we use to hang out there all.of.the.time
    Many drunko nights fo sho!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh lala! Your Kevin must be not a jealous type; I know it's work but lots of fun too ;)

  3. Oh so fun! I'm totally jealous of your trip because in all our travels, I have never been to vegas! Loving the necklace you're wearing with your black dress!

  4. How fun!

    Quick question. In that first picture, is that a longchamp bag peeking out from behind you? I've never seen one in that color and it is my favorite shade of green. What size is it and where did you find it? I was thinking of getting one, but trying to decide between small and medium (I think large is more duffel like) and was debating about getting black or navy, until I saw that delicious green!

  5. Oh my goodness, this looks so fun!!!! I love love all these pictures and your outfits in each one! My boyfriend is actually in Vegas right now and Im a little worried that he's throwing away all his money, haha!

  6. Wow- that's a crazy week! What a way to go to work each day.

    Are you an engineer too?


  7. This makes me miss Vegas! Sounds like you have a FABULOUS time!!

  8. I've never been to Vegas! Looks so glitzy!