Friday, May 10, 2013

Wedding Pictures - Getting Ready!

This is the first set of professional pictures!!!!  All but four pictures which are pretty obvious are by Terra Bailey.

I'm going to tell you about some things I did throughout this post!

Basic nude pumps by Corso Como.  Purchased Thursday before the wedding at Nordstrom because my original heels were not going to be worn.  I had nightmares about how badly they hurt from when Kevin and I went out to dinner the Saturday before our wedding.  

My engagement ring with the perfume I wore.  This is the original Kate Spade scent that I have always loved that has since been discontinued.  The year Mom and Dad gave this perfume to me, they also gave a bottle to my sister in law.  Evidently my brother started sneezing every time my SIL wore it so she gave me her bottle.  I was SO excited that "picky about perfume Kevin" liked it!  It was special because of the story behind it.

Our rings.

Getting my makeup done by Kymm with Who's the Fairest!  She is amazing!  And look at my hair....done by Val at Modern Salon and Spa!

My girls!

My cousin Kit's little girl.  Cutest little flower girl!

Red solo cups were necessary! ;)

Val - the best hair gal and I!

Tara, the child whisperer and my niece Sarah.

My cousin Kit helping my brother Clay get dressed.  Clay - you're on THE BLOG!!!!

Preparing for a champagne toast!

Now my Mom had to help him!

Getting my Dad straight.

Yes I changed into a Lilly dress, I mean why not?!

 One of my oldest friends Lindsay.  Remember, I went to her bridal shower this past weekend?

I made these little tags to put on their dresses.

My girls!!!!!!!!!!!  They were ALL beautiful!

Love them!

Tara and Lauren.

Two little girls in a city!

Kimmy, Me, Suz

Turn your head right.  It's worth it for this picture.  One of the funniest things was when my SIL Emily opened a bottle of tonic water and it exploded ALL over her dress!  Kit dried her off.  It was hilarious!  I don't know that Emily thought it was too funny but once she knew I didn't care, I think she laughed.  Ha! 

The boys got ready in his parents suite!

Like father, like son.

The girls going down to get on the bus.  I love how Emily has Anna Kate's backpack I gave her when she was 2 years old!  

Y'all I'm going to get married....but not in my cowboy boots!

Stay tuned for the pictures in the bridal suite at the church and lots more wedding picture posts!


Unknown said...

Yay!!! Love getting to see these! Gorgeous so far!!

Dee Stephens said...

I got ready in that same suite when we got married! Love it!

April of Smidge Of This said...

These are so awesome. Your photographer has a real eye. And your makeup my dear is ON POINT. :)

MHM1314 said...

Totally agree with April - your hair and makeup are STUNNING. But you don't look too made up... it is so natural yet really pops.

megan said...

Love these!

Mindy said...

Omg LOVE all of these so far!! Love the bridesmaids tags (cute idea!) and your Lilly dress!!! Kymm did my makeup too; she's amazing!!! :) Can't wait to see more soon!!

Elizabeth | The Blush Magnolia said...

Kymm did my make up too - loved her! You look gorgeous and I love your bridesmaids dresses!

Whitney said...

These are so great!! Love your hair and makeup - just beautiful!!

Carolina Charm said...

your hair and makeup was perfect. kymm rocks.

Also- love the boot pic! xo

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Love the photo of your ring on the perfume bottle!

Valerie said...

wonderful pics!
P.S. that Kate Spade perfume made me sneeze too! I rec'd it as a gift and ended up throwing it away. It just never smelled "right" on me.