Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wedding Pictures - Ceremony!

Today I'm going to show you our ceremony pictures and tell you about things that were special!

This is a good picture of my bouquet and the ribbon from Mom's dress.  Something else Mom did for me with the ribbon from her dress was have my maiden name and wedding date monogrammed onto it and sewn into my dress (underneath the front).  That was my something blue and old.  My something borrowed was the veil from my cousin.  Something new was my dress.  Another something old were the pearl earrings and necklace I wore....I've had them a long time.  

Greeters - Sara and Brittany.  Sara in the black is my friend from home.   Brittany is Kevin's and now my sister in law!

The organist was Aaron and the soloist was Laurie.  Having an organ at our wedding ceremony was essential.  It's just so beautiful and classic.  Laurie sang Ave Maria after the mother's were sat.  This was sung at my parent's wedding ceremony.  She also sang The Lords Prayer during the service.  That was only song sung and PLENTY for me.  I do not like long hymns.  Kevin wasn't interested in having them either.

This picture is really cool.  It's of Reverend Catley telling Kevin to "come on" and let's go into the church.  I bet Kevin's heart was beating a million miles a minute.  The thing is, Kevin nor I were nervous about marrying each other.  Kevin was just nervous about being the center of attention and in front of all of those people.  I wasn't nervous about being in front of people.  haha.  Possibly another reason why we work together!

Reverend Catley came from my home church in Maryland to marry us.  He performed a Methodist ceremony.  He is wonderful and we are so thankful for he and his wife to make the trip to Charlotte for us.  It really meant the world to my parents, Kevin and I.

Kevin's brother Joe sat their Mama.

And of course my brother sat my Mama.  Mom's ensemble is a blog post in itself.  It is the most gorgeous coral color.  

Tara and our sweet wedding director from the church, Mary Ann.

As a reminder, this is the church that Kevin's parents got married in 42 years ago!

I love this picture for lots of reasons - first is that it shows a lot of my family that is not in any other pictures at the reception (grr).  Second, it shows the flowers that were on the ends of the pews.  Third it shows Anna Kate jumping in the aisle with my SIL's grandparents.

This is about the time I just was SO excited for all of my favorite people.

I think here I had just said, "Hi Everyone" really loudly in the church!  

Just so many people had traveled to be with us on that day.  It was a room full of OUR people.  And let me tell y'all - that church was FULL!  We couldn't have sat another person!

This is from the reception but this shows the big bow!  The material of my dress was silk dupioni.  

Back to the church...

This is a neat picture because on the bottom of it, Kevin's Mom in the teal is looking back at Kevin.  The three guys at the very bottom of the photo are Kevin's Dad, Kevin's brother and my brother. 

I wish there was a picture of Kevin's face when I was walking up the aisle.  That's a huge bummer.  

I was so busy looking at everyone else, I didn't even see Kevin until this very moment when I was almost right in front of him!

I know it was hard for Dad to give me away but giving me away also includes my shopping trips, having to deal with me and numerous other things.  Okay let's be honest, none of that will ever stop!  I just now have credit cards that have a different last name on them.

You can see me putting my engagement ring back on my left hand.  

We had our own little moments.

That's it!  We're Mr. and Mrs.!!!!!!!!!

And this my friends, was ALL that mattered that day!


  1. Great post!
    * Love your Mom's dress
    * I had no idea that your minister traveled in from MD? Super cool
    * Had no clue Kevin's parents were married in that church too. Even cooler.
    * What happened with your pictures? No shot of Kevin's face when you walked down the aisle? I'll have to send you an email with Brad's face. I don't think I ever posted about it b/c he was embarassed.
    He too, was a NERVOUS WRECK ALL DAY about being the center of attention. He literally had 2 nose bleeds that day.

  2. Gorgeous pictures!! You look beautiful. I love your something borrowed, blue, old, and new. Those are such special items. I am also wearing part of my mother's gown on my wedding day which I am really excited about!

  3. That is awesome your minister came down from MD! Beautiful church and all of the details.

  4. Tears first thing in the morning :) :) :) gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Love all of these pics! What a bummer that your photog didn't get a pic of Kevin's face as you were walking down the aisle. :( Your mom's dress really was gorgeous.

  6. Aw, what gorgeous photos! You are very photogenic. I just love that ya'll got married in the same church as Kevin's parents.

  7. You look so beautiful and so, so happy! Seems like there are many special memories captured in these photos!

  8. These are all so lovely! I think it is too sweet that you were married in the same church as Kevin's parents.

  9. I love the ones that are taken from behind down the aisle!!

    Also- SUPER cool that y'all were married in the same church as Kevin's parents!