Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Changing my name

My whole life, I knew I'd change my name when I got married.  

It was just how it was supposed to be, in my opinion.  

And I was always going to move my last name to be my middle name and my middle name gets dropped.  

I didn't even know there was another way.  

We got back from our honeymoon on a Tuesday.  I went to the social security office that Friday morning about 45 minutes before they opened and I was out of there 20 minutes after they opened their doors.  My name was officially changed.

That Monday morning, I did what Dee suggested and went to a certain DMV office outside of Charlotte.  Another genius move (thank you Dee!) and I was out of there about 10 minutes after they opened.  

Then the next day I went to AAA and got my new passport picture taken and that afternoon I mailed my passport off with $170 to get my new one (quickly!).  

Over the next few days while I drove wherever I was going, I called my credit card companies (easy peasy to change).  I then filled out the forms for my work so they'd change my health insurance, went to the bank with Kevin and combined our accounts, changed some others online, called the US Air preferred line twice because the first person told me I had to mail a copy of my license in which I thought was ridiculous so I called right back and the next lady just switched it for me, called Hilton and Marriott - that was easy, and I must tell you all the most ridiculous one - HERTZ.  

I've always been convinced that Hertz is one disfunctional company but this really validated it.  They told me it was easier to set up a new account than it was to change my name.  Oh my.  Anyway, I did and now I'm officially renting cars in my new name.  

As for my flights, today is my last flight in my old last name (I had already booked it before US Air would change my name).  It's a little weird and bittersweet to be honest but I'm getting used to it!

So after today, I will officially take my old license out of my wallet and my marriage license out of my purse.  There is no more transition, it is all a done deal!!!!

Honestly changing my name really wasn't THAT hard.  Actually, it was pretty darn fun!  I mean how cool is it that I got to tell people I got married so I wanted to change my name?!  It was a happy thing and everyone congratulated me, ha!  

Now one thing that is odd is when I call my parents, they answer, "Hello Mrs. XXXX."  I keep telling them that is Kevin's Mom's name but I guess I'm going to have to really get used to be called that.  After all, I'll have my new name longer than I had my old one.  


  1. Good for you!! It's a process for sure but if you're type A's like us it's not bad.
    Other people wait years to do it because they don't want to deal.
    Funny thing is - my parents still introduce me as Wallace by habit.. HAHAHA! Drives me nutz!

  2. this was a mess for me.... I work for the government and the name change screwed up so many of our IT systems on my end. Other than that not too bad. I did the same thing and made my maiden name my middle. I felt like it was a huge part of who I am. For work, I've been using both names but not hyphenated. Over time I'm hoping the new last name will stick and I can drop the maiden... I work at a gov agency where most women don't change their name.

  3. I was one of those people that stretched it out, but so unnecessarily! In fact, I just changed the name on my credit cards about two weeks ago (just shy of our 2 year anniversary) because I assumed it would be a royal pain -- submitting copies of license, marriage certificate, etc -- but was so pleased when I learned that all I had to do was give them my new last name! How easy is THAT!

  4. Have you changed it on FB? Obviously that is the most important. Ha. I am really bad and still call my married friends my their maiden name! Old habits die hard...

  5. Congrats! I agree with MCW that nothing is official until it's changed on FB. Ha!


  6. Time Warner Cable was the most ridiculous for me. Every other place I could change over the phone, credit cards, all other utilities, etc. But Time Warner? Oh you have to come to a customer service center with a copy of your marriage license and social security card. What?!? So Time Warner still and always will only have my maiden name.

  7. Now you just have to practice your new signature!!

    The only thing that stinks about getting a new name is a new monogram and having to get rid of all your old beloved monogrammed stuff!

  8. Went to SS office on Monday and definitely did NOT have the proper forms but they were cool with it. I just pretended like they weren't photo copies! HA!

    What DMV office did you go to? Need to do that once I get my new SS card next week