Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding Pictures - The Girls and Fam!

My MOH Kelly gave me a sixpence to put in my shoe and a funny story about that penny.  Mom and I found it when we walked out of the dress shop after we ordered my dress in February 2012.  I kept that baby in my car until the morning of the wedding when I walked over to the Avenue (where Dave and Jenn were so kind to let me park during the wedding) super early and got it.

My friend Lindsay and I giggling about something.  My hair looks very streaky with highlights.  I've never had my hair highlighted, colored or any of that.  Just cut.  Ha!

The flower girls carried these little baskets.

My bouquet was unbelievable.  Lynette with The Bloom Room was AMAZING to work with.  Love her!  The ribbon wrapped around my bouquet came from my Mom's wedding gown.  Then she also gave me a hankerchief to use that was monogrammed with our names and wedding date.

MOH Kelly and I.

Lindsay and I.

Beth and I.

Suz and I.

Tara and I.

Lauren and I.

Kim and I.

My SIL Emily and I.

My cousins and I.

The three flower girls!  Amelia, Maeve and Anna Kate.  Amelia is my cousin in the teal above little girl and Maeve is my cousin in the navy above little girl.

The bouquets that my bridesmaids carried were smaller versions of mine.  Peonies, hydrangeas, garden roses.  Love.

Mom holding my bouquet.

My brother, SIL and I.

My parents and I.

Poor ole Pops.  He had a hard time that day giving me away.  But he loves Kevin so he's fine! :)

But everytime I saw Dad that day, I just kept getting teary!

My parents, brother and I.

With my cool SIL!  Wish Clay and Dad were smiling.  I guess this is the best it could be?

My bro and SIL.

The four cousins.  My how we've grown up!

The big ole bow on the back of my dress.  Emily tied it for me.  I loved this part of my dress.  It hung all of the way down with the covered buttons that lined the entire train.  

This is the picture that was used in the paper!


  1. I just got teary reading that you got teary when you saw your dad! I think I would have the same reaction. Those flower girls are freaking adorable.

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous!! So, you decided to do the paper after all? The Observer?

  3. We are such daddy's girls. :) Loved the bouquets, they were gorgeous!

  4. 9:23 am, getting teary looking at your beautiful face. I am loving all of these photo recaps!

    I also emailed my mom about an hour ago that I will need to find a hanky for the day... I'm going to have tears a plenty and waterproof mascara only does so much! :)

  5. That picture for the paper is jaw-dropping gorgeous!

  6. These pictures are GORGEOUS! You were a stunning bride. LOVE your wedding dress!

  7. Your pictures are gorgeous! I love that the ribbon on hot bouquet came from your mom's dress!

  8. I agree, love your flowers! And the bow! All beautiful!!

  9. Gorgeous! I love the picture of you looking down at the 3 flower girls and how sweet that you kept tearing up when you saw your dad. So sweet.

  10. That red door makes the perfect backdrop for pictures!! I also adore that black and white of your flower girls- so precious!

  11. You looked fabulous on your wedding day, Annie! Everyone was all dressed up for this special day of your life. How long did you prepare for this big event? The pictures tell me that everything turned out great. The flower girls looked so lovely while holding those baskets. But of course, you were the one who stood out the most. You looked sexy in your wedding dress while you carried that gorgeous bouquet.
    Breanne Kunzman @Nan’s Blossom Shop