Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blog Sale - Coach, Lilly, VV, Trina Turk, E. McKay and J. McLaughlin

***There are still Lilly and VV items for sale!

This is my first blog sale!
Shipping will be $6.  All sales are final.  Any questions, please ask me!  anniesadventures16 at!  Paypal only.  Items will be shipped out the next business day.

If you'd like an item please comment below with which item and include your email address.  Or you're welcome to just email me directly.
Happy Summer Shopping!

SOLD - Item #1 - Anthopologie dress, brand is Lilka, Medium, $15.  A perfect dress to wear during the day or transition to evening in.

SOLD - Item #2 - Molly B dress, Size 10, $20.  I love this dress for an afternoon bridal shower!

SOLD - Item #3 - Lilly Pulitzer dress, Size 12, $30.  I wore this to a fancy daytime wedding but it'd be perfect for an evening party too!  I love the V-neck in the back as shown below.

SOLD - Item #4 - Lilly Pulitzer Lulu Dress, Size 10, $30.

SOLD -  Item #5 - Elizabeth McKay dress, Size 8, $25.  

SOLD - Item #6 - J. McLaughlin Dress, Size 12, $25.  I bought this to wear to a chilly Carolina Cup one year!

 SOLD - Item #7 - Lilly Pulitzer blue and white shift dress, Size 12, $25. 

Item #8 - Ann Taylor Loft, Size 10, $10.  I love this color for Spring.  This dress has the dry cleaning tags on it.  It's linen so may wrinkle when shipped.

SOLD - Item #9 - J. McLaughlin blackdress, Size 12, $25 - The little, classy black dress!

 SOLD - Item #10 - Trina Turk strapless dress, Size 12 but a smaller 12, $25.

 SOLD - Item #11 - Vineyard Vines patchwork skirt, Size 12, $15.

Item #12 - Vineyard Vines colorful patchwork skirt, Size 10, $15

 SOLD - Item #13 - Lilly Pulitzer patchwork skirt, Size 12, $15.

 Item #14 - Vineyard Vines drinks skirt, Size 10, $10

SOLD - Item #15 - Lilly Pulitzer alligator skirt, Size 10, $10.  This is an older Lilly piece but still remains one of my favorite patterns!

SOLD - Item #16 - Lilly Pulitzer juice skort, Size 12, $10.  Note that this is a skort and is a little shorter.  I love having the shorts underneath!

 SOLD - Item #17 - Lilly Pulitzer pink, green, blue shift dress, Size 12, $30.

 Item #18 - Lilly Pulitzer fish dress, Size L and slightly altered to be more of a 10/12, $30


  1. Cute stuff!! Wish it was my size b/c I would snatch up several of them! ;)

  2. Sold #6 and 12. Sent you a fb message. :) Paypal is

  3. Cute stuff! I've been on a purging kick lately, too.

  4. Emailed you about 4, 13, and 16!!

  5. Item # 3 or 7? I emailed you.

  6. I want to have a blogger sale on your blog!!!!Great stuff!

  7. would you take $40 for the ivory coach? no worries if not - thanks!

  8. Hey! What items are still left? I may take the rest of the lot. I have NO idea what size I am anymore. Do you think I could come meet you to see if anything fit? Just email me!

  9. Hello there, Just wanted to say, it's superb.


  10. Wow! I love that floral pattern dress shown in second picture. Are you trying to sell these dresses? I would like to buy that floral dress.
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