Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Chill Memorial Day Weekend

My goodness has it been nice to be home!!!

Our Friday started by me visiting the Farmer's Market at lunch then escaping early to head home.  We met Kevin's parents for dinner at Harper's and then looked at porch furniture a couple of places.  We didn't find anything we HAD to have. 

Saturday we were up early so I went to the store and Kevin got started on yard work.  I joined him when I came home and we worked hard.  I took a break mid afternoon to take Mills for a run.  Kevin kept on going.  Mills and I picked up the branches he cut down from trees in our backyard and we put them in the firepit.  I also picked this magnolia blossom and rose from our yard.

We have had plans with Dave and Jenn to come over for the longest time on Saturday of Memorial Day and boy did we have fun!  I got to put out our new lanterns we got for our wedding from Pottery Barn and I love them.  They looked really pretty when it got dark.  

We fixed the perfect summer meal - wine burgers (I need to post this recipe that my cousin gave me), grilled okra (thanks to Fran's recipe), tomatoes with feta, basil, fresh salt and pepper and drizzled with olive oil), corner, grilled corn and Skinny Taste potato salad which is not pictured because I forgot I had made it, haha!

Jenn brought the most fantastic dessert that she found off Pinterest.  It was a lemon cheesecake type thing with blueberries on top.  It was made "skinny" and was just the perfect, light summer dessert.  

Then we called our guy Tony to come grab us and take us up to Cosmos and Hawthornes for some beverages and live music.  They were having a luau type block party.  It was really fun.

This is the only picture from my camera.  I wish I had gotten one of the four of us.  In this one, Kevin and David decide to be odd and share an Alabama Slammer.  Interesting....

We arrived home to find Papa John's and then us in a cab both pulled in our driveway.  Coincidence? I think not!  Haha!  

Dave and Jenn spent the night with us and we went to Toast for recovery food.

Sunday we have taken naps, shopped more for patio furniture and a new TV and had TCBY for dinner.  Perfect.  

Today we are going to Kevin's parent's house for a cookout.  Looking forward to it!

Hope yall have had a nice Memorial Day weekend!


  1. You need to post the recipes for all those things you had on Saturday-the lemon cheesecake, wine burgers and okra! They look delicious!

  2. Our MDW has been really chill, too, but super relaxing and super productive. We're heading out in a little while to a touristy afternoon in NYC - gotta take advantage of all of the locals being at the beach! :)

  3. I was wondering if they spent the night! Looks like they did! Post the burger recipe!

  4. Your magnolia is BEAUTIFUL!!! And yum--that meal looks delish!