Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Spreadsheets and Fun Things

Organization - Well, yesterday an excel spreadsheet was my best friend.  I created tabs for each vendor and put all of the possibilities for each vendor within the tab.  I put the quick information about each one beside it (price, how they do things, deposit to secure etc).  Ahhh I felt so much better after doing this and finally felt organized. 

Reception Location - Last night I had many dreams about where the reception will be.  The reception location is on my mind and I cannot wait to get that nailed down.  The other vendors, I'm working hard on too (florist, photographer, band) but if we have a reception place, we have a full wedding.  Thankfully the church has been reserved but I don't even feel good about saying when it is just in case we can't find a reception location!  We are penciled in at two locations so I'm looking forward to my parents seeing those!  I know one is already on the top of our lists!

Colors - Honestly I'm not even worried about these small details yet because I feel like I have a million bigger things to worry about but I'm thinking navy/gold, white/gold, or gold/coral.  Can yall tell I like gold?!  Anyone have any good inspiration for any of these colors?

Bridesmaids Dresses - I'm obsessed with the Lulu Kate dresses.  Of course I always imagined having Lilly dresses but for an uptown Charlotte, 6pm wedding, I'm not sure that will fly!

Keeping Sanity - Running has always been a stress reliever for me.  Boy oh boy, I've run a many a miles the past week or so!  ;)  Even at 8pm last night in 95 degree heat!  Felt so good!  Today I'm refueling with a ton of water. 

What was your top priority for your wedding?  Or what would it be when you get engaged?


  1. wow good for your keeping up with the running! You sound like a very organized bride so far! I love the idea of gold with another color-so warm and classic!

  2. My top priority - as weird as it sounds --was to make sure my guests were happy.
    After being in so many weddings and going to so many -- I wanted to make things accesible without renting cars..and without being out tons of money.
    Oh.. I was super anal about getting everything nailed down early.
    I was paranoid about last minute stuff.
    What venues are you leaning towards for the reception?

  3. Just a comment about the color scheme ... I really think you should go with ALL! Don't feel like you have to just choose 2 colors. I had three - grey, yellow, and white. I think a gold/white/coral/navy combination seems simply stunning! You don't have to use all 4 colors on everything you do, but just incorporate the whole color palette into the day. YAY!

  4. PLUS, gold and white can be considered neutral accents, so then navy and coral are your main colors!

  5. You're so organized, Annie! That's awesome and will help make your wedding planning a lot easier :) My reception site was a top priority for me too; Peter and I did a lot of site visiting our first month of being engaged!

    When you said that you wanted gold as one of your wedding colors, I remembered that Blue-Eyed Bride had posted some wedding inspiration boards using gold awhile back (maybe a couple of years ago?). You might want to search for those on her blog; she's pretty talented with event planning :)

  6. My top priority would be location, since that seems like the biggest one! I think picking out a dress would be the most fun part, and I can't wait to see yours.

  7. You are on a roll!

    LuLu Kate, yes!!!! Which reception locations are you in between?

  8. I absolutely adore all of your possible color combinations, and I agree--you may be able to do all of them. Love Lulu Kate. Have you already asked your wedding party?

    I just love hearing all about each of your wedding planning steps! :)

  9. I love that you do Wedding Wednesdays too! My top priority was my dress and venue!

  10. I agree with April that you could incorporate all the colors.
    So glad we got to email catch up today! I'll reply back tomorrow.
    Also, I think you have my old blog address in your blog roll. Might need to update friend!

  11. I'm so impressed by your runs--I wish that was my form of stress relief, hehe! I like the idea of coral and gold for colors!

  12. A friend of mine had navy bridesmaid dresses and they were stunning (and very was from jCrew) the guys wore khaki suits with navy ties. Very classic and clean. Her other colors were yellow and white with gold accents. Love the coral....use it!