Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 Things since our engagement.....

Since our engagement lots of crazy and fun things have happened.  Here are ten:

1.  I put the ring on my right finger this morning...habit from the other ring I wear!  Don't worry, I quickly noticed and put it on my left hand!

2.  Monday night when we got home from Hilton Head, there was a double rainbow outside our window.  Coincidence?  I think not.  (Thanks Dave and Jen for the heads up!) 

3.  We watched fireworks on Monday night (July 4th) with our neighbors from our 10th floor pool deck.

4.  Last night I ran to the song "Chapel of Love!"  ;)  It's on my playlist now!

5.  Josh and Wendy came over with champagne last night to celebrate!  Brooklyn came too but Blogger won't let me upload a vertical photo.

6.  We are so honored they came to see us and appreciated it so much.  We cracked open the champagne on our balcony and toasted!  We credit Josh and Wendy for us meeting!  I was so gross looking because I had just gotten out of the shower from that run and I threw clothes on and my hair back. 
7.  Tonight I'm going out with some of my girls who requested a special happy hour to celebrate.  Love them.  Tara brought over champagne and a fun card on Monday so it was at our place when we returned from Hilton Head.  So sweet.  We'll crack that one open tonight!

8.  So now that date in May is gone and we've been through another one since my blog post yesterday.  Now that one is gone too.  Note to self, don't put anything in writing about a date until it is final final!!!

9.  I got the wedding planner book yesterday and I've also read two wedding magazines already that my friend Elena brought me!  Love it!

10.  Thank yall for your thoughtful comments and messages!  I am so thankful to have yall to bounce ideas off of.  Now if I can come to reality that I reallllly need to do what yall suggested on the guest list, I'll be good to go!  ;)


  1. I love that you are running to wedding music. That is awesome. Have so much fun planning! That book will become your life! :)

  2. Such a FUN time!! Enjoy every minute of it!! True Bliss!

  3. You look beyond happy in that picture! I am so happy for you !


  4. so fun getting to celebrate with all your friends!

    and i love the wedding wednesday idea!

  5. yay!!! sooo exciting! good luck with the planning :)

  6. Aw yay Congrats! I hope you have so much fun planning! :)