Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Friday

This is a random post but has some fun things in it, including a lil recipe!  This fine Friday started off with a trip to the doc for a physical.  Hadn't had one in yearsssss so it was time.  She ended up testing me for celiac disease which if you are positive you have to go gluten free.  We'll see, I'm not sure about all that. 

Last week I came home one day and Kevin had left me this cute note and a flower vase with a paper towel stuck into a skewer.  How funny is that?  The note said something like, "Welcome home GF fiance.  Sorry for this type of flower but it's been a rough month."  Haha!!!

This is one of my favorite shots of Kevin.  This was over in Sea Pines (in Hilton Head) when we had rode our bikes to the beach.  He loves his binoculars that my parents gave him for Christmas. 

See I told yall this post was random.  Yesterday I came home and Kevin had fixed dinner.  Thank goodness.  He has really stepped up the past couple weeks as I've been crazy.  I've had long work days and stuff after work every day.  Anyway, he fixed this tasty little southwestern salad.  Lettuce, tomatoes, black beans, fresh corn, avocado, cucumbers and red peppers.  I know it looks overloaded with corn but I promise there are some red and green things in there too!  Fresh, tasty salad!
Tonight I'm meeting Kevin at a 5pm wedding right down the street from my office.  I brought my whole makeup and hair routine here to the office so that will be interesting come 4pm!  The reception is very close to our home uptown so we'll drop a car off then head over there.  This is the wedding of one of his bank buddies so it'll be a good time!



  1. Okay. That faux flower is just TOO cute. You have such a sweet fiance!

  2. Friday is perfect for randomness :)

    Have a ton of fun at the wedding tonight and a great weekend!

  3. He does such cute and thoughtful things for you!! The fake flower is adorable.

  4. Awww the note and homemade flower were cute.

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  5. Yummmy! I love Southwest salads and your boy is too sweet to make you dinner after a long day of work. I think ya got a keeper. ;)

  6. Kevin is so sweet--that paper towel flower is too cute!