Tuesday, July 12, 2011

House Beautiful

Thanks for yall's sweet comments on my dress from Saturday night.  That is a Lilly Pulitzer "Sabrina" dress from 2005!  I wore it on my college graduation day!  It has the white Lilly tag in it - love going back and wearing my "old" Lilly!
Last night I was checking out my new House Beautiful magazine I received.  Did I mention that I love that magazine?  It's amazing.

How presch are these ruffle bath towels from Echo Design?  At $20 each they wouldn't completely break the bank.  Not sure how practical or absorbant they are but they are certainly cute!

Also in the mag was a nautical rope 21" diameter mirror from LL Bean.  I searched for it on their website and can't find it anywhere.  It was only $50 - what a steal!

So then I went to the House Beautiful website and found this pretty - a 10"x27" bamboo mirror by Jonathan Adler!  $195.
What fun home pieces have you all found lately?


  1. I need a few new home pieces but it seems we spend all our money going and doing things these days!

  2. wow I love the mirror and the towels! Still currently looking for a new comforter for my bed at school.

  3. My first Lilly dress is a Sabrina, I still love it too!

    Those towels are presh, but I'm pretty sure Mr wouldn't go for them!

  4. I love House Beautiful and those towels are absolutely adorable!

  5. Oh my word those bath towels are adorable!


  6. I want those towels! I love ruffles:)